Start Your Basic Food Storage in Your Home

There are many different takes on how to prepare for disasters. If you catch fire: stop, drop, and roll. If there’s an earthquake: protect yourself by getting under cover. If caught in a riptide: swim parallel to shore until you’ve escaped its current. But what about access to food when you can’t get to the store or can’t trouble the neighbors to lend something?

Food storage costs can get very expensive very quickly, and often that food just ends up wasted, but if you have a plan in place, including a basic set of foods and ingredients that are easy to store and replace, that doesn’t have to be the case.

The amount of storage you have should be based on the number of people in your family. Some families try to store enough for 3 months or more, but you can start out with enough to take care of each person for 3-7 days. In addition to food, you’ll want to have some basic survival necessities ready, such as an extra set of clothes, survival blankets, hand sanitizer, and a pocket knife.

There are people out there who will also say it’s great to buy everything at once, but if you’re on a budget, that can be difficult. Instead, take an approach where you add to your stores a little at a time. When deciding what to purchase, take into account preservable foods that your family already enjoys eating. Some standard items to have are:

- Our bodies can go quite a while without food but no more than three days without water. You can get distilled water or store quantities in old juice and soda bottles.

Dried & Dehydrated Foods
- Have something on hand that you can eat right away if needed, like nuts, dried fruits, and peanut butter. Balance this with easy baking items like flour, sugar, pasta, and powdered milk and eggs. You can purchase whole grains and invest in a wheat grinder to extend the life of your wheat storage, too. Have a few kitchen basics ready as well, like a pot and pan to use over a fire.

Canned Foods
- The shelf life of most canned items can be from 1-4 years, so even if you love fresh foods, you need these in your food storage. Things like soups, vegetables, and fruits will also be quick to prepare while still getting you the nutrition you need. This includes things like jams and preserves as well.

Fresh foods
- If you can, stock up on some fresh foods that have a longer shelf life without any processing. Potatoes will be great in a storage room that’s dark and dry, and legumes like lentils and peas will cook quickly because of their small size.

Now that you have all this food, keep track of how much there is and when items will expire. As the oldest items near their expiration date, rotate them out of storage and onto the dinner table, then replace them in your storage with your next purchase.

Because you don’t want food storage to be wasted, remember to pick items that your family won’t have a problem eating so they can easily be incorporated into your daily meals even when there is no emergency.

As your experience with food storage grows (and perhaps the size of your family as well), you can increase the number of items or types of items you store.

Before You Go To The Furniture Store

Before heading out to a furniture store to get new pieces for your home, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind so that you get the best material for your home, the correct size for the rooms, and the design of furniture that works well inside your house. Most Phoenix area furniture stores will let you sit on the furniture that they have so that you can see whether it's comfortable or not before making a purchase.
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Measure the inside of the room where the new furniture will go before making a trip to the store. You should also measure the doorways so that you don't get something that won't fit inside the home. Blue tape is sometimes the best way to measure because you can take the tape with you after getting the dimensions instead of writing measurements on a piece of paper.

Even though you might want your furniture to be cohesive in the way that it looks, consider getting larger pieces that are in the same color family instead of the exact same color. When everything in the room is the same color, it can sometimes be overwhelming and take away from the personality that you're trying to establish. Get a few sample material swatches from the furniture store to take home to see what would look best in each room of your house.

Examine the type of material so that you get something that is easy to keep clean and that doesn't show stains, especially if you have children or pets. Don't get furniture that is too big for the room or that isn't on the same scale as the rest of the decorations because it can be overwhelming. Wait until the furniture store has a sale. You can sometimes get free items with your purchase, such as a free box spring with a mattress or a free lamp with a couch and chair.

3 Tips for Buying Tent Structures

If you're looking for semi-permanent structures to protect people from rain, sun and wind, you might want to consider a tent. Not only will it guard everyone from the elements, but it can also be decorated with your company's logo to increase brand visibility!
Large tent covering tables and chairs
But what if you've never purchased a tent structure before? What should you know before you whip out your credit card? Here are just a few tips for making sure that you buy something worthwhile.

1. Know What Type You Need
You're probably familiar with camping tents, but they aren't the only tents that you can find out there. For example, you can also buy large, industrial-strength tents for things like farmer's markets and outdoor expos. You can even buy decorative DIY tents for your backyard! There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to tent preferences; you just have to know what you're looking for as you shop.

2. Determine Its Ideal Specs
What sizes are you considering for your tent? How many people does it need to cover? Will it collapse under a certain volume of rain or snow? Does it need to be erected quickly each morning, or is it a large, immovable tent that you can take your time with building? If you figure these things out before you start browsing brands and products, you'll save yourself a lot of time and energy in the long run.

3. Know Your Price Range
Always have a budget when you go tent shopping. You don't want to overspend on fancy features that you don't really need! You should also pay attention to things like delivery and assembly charges; they'll cut into your bank account just as surely as the listed price of the tent. If you only need the structure for a few days, you might be better off renting it rather than buying it.

These are a few basic things to keep in mind as you shop for tents. Whether you're looking for professional, semi permanent tent structures or just casual decorative tents for your backyard, it's important to buy a tent that you love!

Health Benefits of a Sunroom

Typically, a homeowner embarks on a home improvement project to gain space and to increase the value and aesthetics of their home. Adding a sunroom to your home can help you accomplish those goals. However, the benefits of a sunroom extend beyond monetary and visual appearance. 
Large Open Room
Healthy Living
Healthy is living is not just a passing trend. It’s a lifestyle choice that can help you feel you best now and in years to come. Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and a sunroom provides you an excellent place to exercise regardless of what the weather is like outside. A sunroom is also the perfect setting in which to enjoy a quick healthy breakfast before heading to work or a leisurely weekend brunch.  Sunrooms san diego can help you design a sunroom retreat that is ideal for a solitary refuge where you can enjoy a good book or nap. Just like healthy eating and exercise, quiet moments are also beneficial to your health. 

Family and Friends
Adding a sunroom to your home will give you some extra space to entertain friends. It may become your family’s favorite place to hang out together. A sunroom can serve as a family room /playroom combination. Everyone in the family can get involved in indoor gardening. The natural light that flows into a sunroom makes it an ideal location for plants to thrive. A sunroom can relieve that “cabin-fever” feeling that families get when the weather keeps everyone inside for days or weeks. You can get creative with games, indoor picnics and an indoor camping adventure in the sunroom.

Stress negatively impacts your life. A sunroom can be a personal retreat you can use as a place to rest, relax, and recharge your energy.  Although one of the most appealing features of a sunroom is the daytime views it provides,  it’s also a fantastic place to star gaze. While many home improvement projects increase the resale value of your home, they don’t offer the immeasurable benefits a sunroom provides. 

Getting Your Home Ready for Summer

As the hot and muggy summer months approach, you may be ready to get your home ready for this season. Along with hanging up lined draperies to keep out the hot sun and buying fans to circulate air in the house, you also might inspect your AC to make sure it can be used safely.
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Even if it looks okay to you, you might still want to have it inspected and serviced. With professional inspection, maintenance, and air conditioning repair Fort Myers FL residents like you can look forward to this system working well all summer long.

Preventative Tasks
After sitting dormant all winter long, your AC may have become laden with dust and debris on the outside of its cage. This debris could clog up the filters and prevent it from blowing out cold air once you turn it on this summer. It also can bring in allergens into your home that could cause you and your family to suffer needlessly.

When you call a repair contractor to your home, you can be assured that the unit will be inspected and cleaned thoroughly. The dirt and dust will be sprayed away so it will not get into the vents when you turn on the unit. The cleaning process will also make the system work better this summer.

The contractor can also make sure the unit has enough Freon in it to last all summer. If it is low on Freon, the unit can be refilled immediately. This liquid cools the air that the unit draws in and then blows out into your home.

You may wonder about the timeline for hiring someone to come to your house to service the AC. Contractors tend to get busy as summer gets underway and heats up in May and June. You may want to call now to have your unit inspected and cleaned so you beat the rush.

Your air conditioning system is crucial to how comfortable you stay this summer. You can head off troubles with it not working right by having it inspected, cleaned, and repaired as needed well before summer gets underway.