Sub-Zero Refrigerator Service and Repair

Most of us only think about our appliances when they aren't working properly. However, most appliances require some maintenance to keep them running in good condition. As a result, taking a little time to care for your appliances on a regular basis is a smart move. Proper care and maintenance can ensure that your appliances last longer and have fewer problems.
Sub-Zero Refrigerator in Kitchen
Keep Your Appliance clean
How and what you do to clean an appliance will depend on the type of appliance you have. Always refer to the users manual to find instructions on how to clean your appliance. Most appliances should be wiped down with a non-toxic cleaner on a consistent basis. This is especially true if it's an appliance that's used a lot. For example, the gasket around your refrigerator door should be kept clean. It's also a good idea to periodically inspect the coils in the back of your fridge and clear away any dust or debris. This build-up can make your appliance work harder resulting in a higher utility bill.

Follow the Manufacturer Instructions for Service and Maintenance
Many appliances require servicing at some point in their lifetime. Consult your users manual and find out the intervals when your appliance should receive professional servicing. Do your best to make sure that your appliance is serviced when it should be. Read the fine print as well. Failure to have your appliance service could result in a voided warranty. Make sure that you read everything and are aware of the service schedule and the warranty information. Check your owners manual for the suggested maintenance schedule and contact a company like sub zero maintenance miami beach.

Use Your Appliance Properly
Use your appliance the way it should be used. Read the users manual and follow the recommended instructions for the proper use of your appliance. If your users manual suggest that you avoid overloading your washer, follow the directions. If you use your appliance the way it was intended to be used you can avoid having to deal with a broken or malfunctioning appliance.

You appliances are designed to last for many years. There are many things that you can do to ensure that this happens. However, failure to properly care for an maintain your appliances will usually result in an appliance that's longevity is quickly diminished. Replacing an appliance is an expensive venture this is why it's a good idea to properly care for your appliance as suggested by the users manual. Many times, proper care for your appliance will ensure that the warranty is still good as well.

Five Events That Are Perfect For A Game Of Cornhole

Are you planning to invite your loved ones over to celebrate the holidays? Maybe you are planning a wedding reception or opening a business. If you need activities for your event, you can never go wrong with a game of cornhole. Cornhole is a game that is popular with both children and adults. The following five events are perfect for a game of cornhole.
Classic 5-Hole Cornhole Set
1. Family Game Night
A family game night does not have to consist of board games or trips to the bowling alley. You can change things up with a game of cornhole. Your family members can play the game individually or create teams such as children versus parents. If it is too cold to play in the backyard, move the cornhole board into the living room or basement.

2. Party or Cookout
If you are planning to throw a party or cookout, you can entertain your guests with a game of cornhole. You can even find a cornhole board that fits the theme of your party, from a beach theme to an NFL theme. Your guests are sure to enjoy chatting with one another as they play the game.

3. Wedding Reception
A game of cornhole may not seem like a traditional part of an outdoor wedding reception, but your wedding party and guests are sure to have a blast playing the game. It is a great way to break the ice between guests who are catching up or meeting for the first time. You can even find a pair of boards marked for the bride and groom.

4. Grand Opening
Are you getting ready for the grand opening of your restaurant, store or other business? You may be planning activities for your guests and potential customers. One idea is to plan several cornhole games throughout the property. Your guests are sure to enjoy playing cornhole, and it may encourage them to become a regular customer of your business.

5. Friendly Tournament
You do not need a special occasion to set up a game of cornhole in your yard or local park. Why not invite your family and friends over for a friendly tournament? It is the perfect excuse to get everyone together for an afternoon of fun.

You can find a variety of cornhole boards at online stores, and you are sure to find the right board for your occasion.

Five Willow Tree Figurines That Make Great Gifts

Whether you are birthday or holiday shopping, you want to find a heartfelt gift for your friend. One idea is to surprise them with an angel figurine, which is always a lovely addition to their home. You can find a variety of resin angel figurines from the brand Willow Tree. Here are five Willow Tree figurines that make great gifts for your friend.
AngelsWillow Tree SunshineWillow Tree Thinking of You

1. Willow Tree Angel of Friendship
This figurine is a lovely way to celebrate your friendship with that special someone. It features an angel holding a puppy in their arms, and it represents the love between two friends. The Angel of Friendship figurine stands at 5 inches tall.

2. Willow Tree Thinking of You
Show your friend how much you care with this beautiful figurine. The angel is holding a seashell up to their ear to show they are thinking of their friend. It is a great way to remind your friend of how much you care about them. The Thinking of You figurine measures at 5.5 inches tall.

3. Willow Tree Celebrate
Celebrate a special occasion with your friend by surprising them with this figurine. It features an angel with her hands locked in excitement, and she is ready to celebrate that special moment. It is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and milestones.

4. Willow Tree You're The Best
Show your appreciation by bestowing your friend with this gorgeous figurine. The figurine is holding an apple in their hands to show gratitude towards their friend. Give your friend this figurine to show them how much they have made a difference in your life. The You're The Best figurine stands at 5.5 inches tall.

5. Willow Tree Courage
Everyone needs a dose of courage for a college exam, new job or doctor's appointment. You can give your friend a little encouragement with this adorable figurine, which features an angel with her arms raised in victory. This beautiful gift is sure to help them get through that big moment in their life. The Courage figurine measures at 6 inches tall.

The Willow Tree resin angel figurines are perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. However, you do not need a reason to show your friend how much you care about them.

You are sure to warm their heart when you surprise them with a Willow Tree resin angel figurine.

5 Easy Christmas Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And Christmas decorations only help to reiterate that and bring more joy to those around us. Decorate your home and spread the Christmas cheer to your guests this holiday season. Here’s a list of easy decoration ideas you can add to your home this Christmas.

1. Vinyl Letters
Use vinyl lettering to make some decorative Christmas signs and frames for your home. These are great for living room shelves and kitchen and bathroom counters. Thoughts in Vinyl has a wonderful array of cute vinyl letters for Christmas.
2. Wreaths
Find a gorgeous Christmas wreath to hang on your front door for the world to see. It will be the first thing your guests see before walking in the door. The great thing about wreaths is that there are endless possibilities to make your own, or you can purchase one from the abundance of holiday decorations that are out at this time of the year. And they only take seconds to hang up!
3. Christmas Cards
Have you received any Christmas cards yet? These are a great item to use in your holiday decorating. Hang them along the wall or staircase, or line them up along your shelves or fireplace mantel. The best part is, you didn’t have to buy or make them. Pick a designated location in your home for your Christmas cards and display them as a beautiful decoration.
4. Stockings
Stockings are simple, cute, and a long-time symbol of Christmas and gift giving. You will definitely feel the Christmas spirit in your home when you walk around and see stockings hung up by the fireplace or along the stairwell. They only take a few moments to hang up, and they make a wonderful gift for each member of the family on Christmas morning.
5. Edible D├ęcor
You can’t go wrong with edible decorations. Hang up some candy canes, set out bowls of Christmas candy, or plates of holiday cookies. This is a simple way to decorate that will make everyone happy.

The Benefits of Having a Fireplace in Your Home

When prospective homeowners are looking for a new place to purchase, there are certain amenities that draw their attention. One of these amenities is a fireplace. One of the reasons why fireplaces are so attractive is because they are comfortable. They add a touch of architectural authenticity to the home, both on the inside and the outside.
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While almost every home in modern society is equipped with modern heating apparatuses, there is still no warmth like the warmth a person gets from a fire. It has a sense of coziness that cannot be simulated with the HVAC system. What’s nice is being able to watch the fire dance around as it warms the body. The crackling sound of the flames makes an enjoyable backdrop for spending time with friends and family. Whether drinking a cup of hot cocoa or enjoying a good book, a fireplace enhances these activities.

Even if the electricity in the home is out, a fireplace adds warmth and light. Individuals who do not have fireplaces are in the dark and battling with the cold. Individuals who do have fireplaces have a comfortable environment to be in as they wait for the utility company to fix whatever problems there were with the electricity. In order to get the most out of a fireplace, it’s good to have the fireplace and the chimney inspected periodically by chimney cleaning Washington DC professionals.

A fireplace makes an interesting space for cooking. Many have saved money on their utility bill by using their fireplace as a location to cook soup, heat up a cup of coffee, or make delicious hot chocolate. Whether it’s by necessity because of the electricity being out or by choice as a way of preparing food in a quaint environment, a fireplace adds the ability to prepare warm food. It does not need to be complicated food. It can be something simple like roasting marshmallows or cooking hot dogs.

As energy prices continue to skyrocket, people are looking for ways to save money. Using firewood as a primary source of heating is more efficient and can lower the cost of a homeowner’s monthly bills. For some, using a fireplace is a way for them to keep warm while not depending solely on fossil fuels.

Fireplaces are amazing. They add value to the home. They make the home a cozier environment. They serve as an attractive centerpiece for conversation and relaxation.