30 Day Challenge to De-Clutter Your Home and Mind

Is your home an ever increasing mountain of stuff? Is your mind constantly stressed with how busy you are? Maybe it’s time to start taking a little time each day to start decluttering your home and mind.

The Ivy Apartments, BYU-I men’s housing, helped us come up with this 30 day challenge to declutter your home and your mind.

1.Get rid of five items that you don’t need.
2. Clear your countertops.
3. Meditate for 10 minutes
4. Go through your sheets and get rid of any you don’t use.
5. Get rid of expired cleaning products.
6. Clear out your junk drawer.
7. Write in your journal.
8. Donate clothing that doesn’t fit.
9. Give yourself a facial.
10. Avoid social media for a day.
11. Go for a walk.
12. Get rid of accessories you don’t use - belts, jewelry, scarves, hats.
13. Take a 24 hour TV fast - no Netflix, cable, Hulu, AmazonPrime, etc.
14. Clear out your pantry.
15. Get rid of old pots and pans.
16. Wake up 30 minutes earlier today.
17. Do some crafts.
18. Indulge in a guilty pleasure.
19. Evaluate your priorities.
20. Make a to-do list.
21. Delete mobile apps that you don’t use.
22. Go through your mail and paperwork. Toss out anything unnecessary.
23. Delete phone contacts you don’t need anymore.
24. Delete people on social media who you don’t associate with.
25. Go through all your “keepsakes” and decide what you really need and what you can get rid of.
26. Get rid of expired medicine.
27. Read for 20 minutes.
28. Get rid of old, chipped dishes - bowls, cups, plates, and mugs.
29. Throw out/donate old magazines and books.
30. Reflect on the past 29 days and take note of how this challenge made you feel.

Decluttering is good for creating more space in our homes and also for improving our mental health. As you participate in this challenge, take note of how the new task each day makes you feel. Are you relieved when you get rid of something? Does a mindful task help you feel relaxed? If they do, then you’re doing something right.

Personalize Your Décor with Tile

Your home should be a reflection of your personality. You can showcase your personality or passion for unique decorating ideas using tile. There’s almost a limitless number of ways you can include tile in your home décor.
Image result for decorative ceramic wall tile
Using Tile to Enhance a Focal Point
A fireplace is typically the focal point in a living room. You can make that focal point more impressive by framing the fireplace with decorative tile. A uniquely-shaped window can become an eye-catching focal point when you add decorative tile to create a frame for the window.

Creating a Focal Point with Tile
You can use decorative ceramic wall tile to create an impressive mural in any room. A mural in the living room could become the focal point of the room. With a mural as the focal point, you can select decorative accessories that enhance or complement the mural. A tile wall mural in the bedroom can set the mood for the room. A tile mural is an excellent way to add an artistic element to the bathroom décor. A stunning mural in the kitchen could relate to your favorite cuisine, a vineyard you’d love to visit or could be a collage of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Step Risers
Decorative tile used on step risers is an excellent way to transform an area that might go unnoticed into an impressive part of your décor. A stairway becomes a work of art when tiles are used on the step risers. You can select tile that makes your stairway look elegant and sophisticated or flamboyant and exciting.

You can create an eye-catching backsplash with tile. Working with tile manufacturing designers you can create a backsplash that is an impressive work of art. You can include tile in various other areas of your kitchen to continue the color scheme and design theme of your backsplash.

Personalizing a Special Space
You can use tile to create a wall mural for a reading area, breakfast nook, kid’s room, teen’s room, laundry room or home office. That would be an ideal way to make the space uniquely personalized.

Tile is a versatile product that you can use in many ways when decorating your home. Have some fun with color, pattern and texture when adding tile to your home.

Five Ways to Customize Your Home

Your house should be your sanctuary, and it should inspire you to share it with guests. If your home does not give you respite and pride, you can update it with touches that represent your good taste. Here are some ideas to help you envision changes you could make.

Go Stainless
If your kitchen's appliances have loyally served your home for a decade or more, they may be approaching the end of their usefulness and attractiveness. Updating your oven, dishwasher and refrigerator to units with stainless-steel finishes will give your kitchen new allure. Additionally, stainless steel cleans easily, and it prevents germ growth.

Reboot Your Counters
While you consider your kitchen, imagine replacing your outdated countertops. For a custom look, contact a manufacturer of concrete counters. These durable surfaces can be dyed and polished before installation, and you can ask for small, unique items to be added to your counter's mix to give it character.

Add a Rain Shower
In your shower, you should recharge yourself while cleaning your body. A new shower stall could help you find fuller recharges. When you install a walk-in shower with a rain-style shower head, you can opt for your favorite tile color, or you can choose glass bricks. Find a local contractor who specializes in showers, and tell them which shower concept would bring you peace and pride.

Build a Modern Deck
Does your home's exterior add to your comfort? With a modern deck, it can. Your new deck should be constructed with materials that can withstand decades in the elements. Metal balusters from companies like UnionMetalWorks.com will add to your deck's style and longevity.

Get a Bit Unusual
If you have the space and resources, your home's new addition can be a conversation starter when you host parties. Inquire with interior designers in your area about access to reclaimed wood. They can help you turn a barn door into a table or use forgotten wall boards as your new floor.

As a homeowner, you possess a structure with which you can do anything you wish. You could even cover it in polka dots! Hopefully, you will instead make tasteful choices that please you and impress your guests.

How To Prepare Your Home For a Big Party

Are you the person in your group of friends or in your family who likes to host all the parties? Whether it’s for the holidays, the upcoming Super Bowl, or summer BBQs with everyone you know, it’s good to prepare your home before having all those people over.
A home builder and designer, Clint Cook in Jackson, WY, helped us put together this great list of ways to prepare your home for a big party.
The last thing you need when you’re having a lot of people over (likely people who are eating and drinking) is to have toilet problems. Make sure your guest bathroom is functioning to perfection the week of your big party. Stock up the bathroom with plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap too.
People are going to need a place to park. Make sure you clear out unused vehicles and clear any rocks or debris from the driveway that could harm someone’s vehicle. People are less likely to attend parties where they know they don’t have good parking.
Speaking of trouble with parking, potholes and damaged driveways can create problems here too. If you need some asphalt repair, consider contacting some professional paving contractors to help you out.
High Traffic Areas
Think about where people will be traveling the most in your home – likely between the kitchen/dining area, living room, and bathrooms. If you have a lot of little furniture, like shelves, lamps and tables in these high traffic area, it might be wise to move them before the party, especially if you have items that you don’t want to get knocked over or bumped into. It also creates a better experience for your guests if they can move with ease through your home.
Food and Drinks
If possible, get RSVPs so you can accurately plan for the amount of people who will be at the party. It’s not great to go to a party and not have enough food. Always plan for a few more people than you know are definitely coming. People who didn’t RSVP may decide to come at the last minute, and sometimes people bring others that they didn’t plan on. When in doubt, always plan for more.

10 Unique Ways to Use Vinyl Lettering

Do you have a vinyl letter maker? Or maybe you just love getting vinyl letters whenever you find a good deal on them? But what else can you put vinyl lettering on?
We’ve partnered with Thoughts in Vinyl, the pros of vinyl lettering, to bring you this sweet list of unique ways that you can use all of the vinyl lettering you have. Whether you’re giving it away as a gift or keeping it for yourself, these ideas are sure to help.
1. Phone Case
Decorate your phone case with vinyl letters! This is the perfect way to customize just for you.
2. Bathroom Mirror
Add a little more reading material to the bathroom. You can find this fun sticker from this Etsy shop.
3. Laptop Case
Customize your laptop or laptop case with some unique vinyl lettering. This is a great way to keep your laptop from getting confused with someone else’s, especially if you’re in school.
4. Window or Picture Frame
Create a beautiful piece of art for the walls in your home, or for an upcoming event. Thoughts in Vinyl has great options at their online store for vinyl letters to place in picture frames.
5. Mailbox
Do you think your mailbox is a little boring? Spruce it up with some cute vinyl letters (or numbers probably).
6. Wine Glasses
Have some great quotes for wine drinkers? Put the in vinyl and stick it on a glass. This can make a great kitchen decoration.
7. Potholders
Speaking of kitchen, have you ever put vinyl lettering on potholders? These would be so cute to hang from the oven door handle. You can do it yourself, or find this cute one at this Etsy shop.
8. Crockpot
Set your crockpot apart and tie it in with the colors in your kitchen by adding some vinyl to it. This is an especially great idea if you go to a lot of potlucks.
9. Walls
Create a beautiful photo gallery on your wall and accent it with cute vinyl decals with words like “home” and “family”. Find some attractive fonts that show the tone that you are trying to display.
10. Plates
Put some vinyl on a plate and display it in your kitchen or on a shelf in your living room or entry way. Add a little character to your decorating with this.