10 Unique Ways to Use Vinyl Lettering

Do you have a vinyl letter maker? Or maybe you just love getting vinyl letters whenever you find a good deal on them? But what else can you put vinyl lettering on?
We’ve partnered with Thoughts in Vinyl, the pros of vinyl lettering, to bring you this sweet list of unique ways that you can use all of the vinyl lettering you have. Whether you’re giving it away as a gift or keeping it for yourself, these ideas are sure to help.
1. Phone Case
Decorate your phone case with vinyl letters! This is the perfect way to customize just for you.
2. Bathroom Mirror
Add a little more reading material to the bathroom. You can find this fun sticker from this Etsy shop.
3. Laptop Case
Customize your laptop or laptop case with some unique vinyl lettering. This is a great way to keep your laptop from getting confused with someone else’s, especially if you’re in school.
4. Window or Picture Frame
Create a beautiful piece of art for the walls in your home, or for an upcoming event. Thoughts in Vinyl has great options at their online store for vinyl letters to place in picture frames.
5. Mailbox
Do you think your mailbox is a little boring? Spruce it up with some cute vinyl letters (or numbers probably).
6. Wine Glasses
Have some great quotes for wine drinkers? Put the in vinyl and stick it on a glass. This can make a great kitchen decoration.
7. Potholders
Speaking of kitchen, have you ever put vinyl lettering on potholders? These would be so cute to hang from the oven door handle. You can do it yourself, or find this cute one at this Etsy shop.
8. Crockpot
Set your crockpot apart and tie it in with the colors in your kitchen by adding some vinyl to it. This is an especially great idea if you go to a lot of potlucks.
9. Walls
Create a beautiful photo gallery on your wall and accent it with cute vinyl decals with words like “home” and “family”. Find some attractive fonts that show the tone that you are trying to display.
10. Plates
Put some vinyl on a plate and display it in your kitchen or on a shelf in your living room or entry way. Add a little character to your decorating with this.

3 Patio Care Tips

Your patio is probably where you entertain guests, watch your kids play or relax. No matter how you use this space, because it is always exposed to the elements, it requires some extra care. Professionals, like those at patio covers west jordan, for example, can build a shade structure over your patio in order to protect it from excessive rain or sun exposure. Shade structures are often customized to fit your patio's measurements and your preferences. Plus, you can choose from solid, pan and lattice cover styles, among others.

Here are three more patio care tips to consider.
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Keeping your patio clean is an important care tip to follow. At the same time, it is also important to avoid over-cleaning. Power-washing, harsh chemicals and rough scrubbing tools are not recommended if you are going to be using them often. Always clean with the mildest options, first. If a stain requires something stronger, use it after it has been determined to be the best next step. Harsh cleaning products and tools, when overused, can cause more damage than necessary. Sweeping away debris with a soft bristled broom as soon as it starts to accumulate helps prevent rot, mold and stains.

If your patio consists of nails and wood planks, as soon as you notice popped-up nails or split wood, it is recommended that they are fixed. Small damages like these that go untouched for an extended period of time often lead to more severe structural issues. A patio is a space meant for leisure and enjoyment, so taking care of potential trip or slip points, is highly advised. For patios made of stone, stains and flaking can be curated by using a mild detergent and scrubbing with a non-wire tool. If the flakes and stains are stubborn, then use something stronger.

Once a year, it is recommended that furniture be rearranged. Rot and mold tends to build under surfaces that sit in one place for a long time due to moisture build-up. To prevent this, all you need to do is move these pieces to a new place. Their old spots are given time to breathe and you have the opportunity to examine all the surfaces at the same time.

A patio is exposed to the elements year-round. Shade structures as well as thoughtful cleansing, fixing and rearranging maintain its health for continued enjoyment.

Enhance the Look of Your Property with Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space for Beauty, Safety, and Security
The outside of your home is an extension of the indoor living space. Lighting it for use after dark not only adds to the beauty of your home, but it adds a curb appeal that passersby can enjoy. Whether you choose solar powered or electric lighting, there are a variety of options that will provide just the right look.

Home Improvement Using Lighting
If you light up the front landscaping, the back, or both, this is a good way to improve the look of your home. There are many features that can be enhanced with lighting. Trees, shrubs, gardens, and lawn d├ęcor will benefit from using lights to highlight these elements. One example of a company offering landscape lighting design st louis mo is Lawn Systems, Inc.

If the area is very large, solar lighting is a good choice. It will eliminate the need to run a lot of wiring across the landscaping. It can also help you to save on energy bills because this lighting uses the sun for power. If you live where you do not get a lot of sunlight, this type of lighting may not work.

Lighting Provides Safety and Security
Another benefit of lighting the area around your home is safety and security. Steps, walkways, changes in the terrain, and entrances are areas that can be illuminated so that family and guests will not be injured while enjoying the space. Any dark corners that do not receive light from the street or an entrance light are good candidates for illuminating. The lights can reduce the chance of falling or turning an ankle while enjoying the lawn after dark.
Outdoor Lighting Banner
If your home has shrubs or other foliage that is fairly thick, adding lighting will help to provide security. A dark yard with plenty of places for concealment is inviting to burglars. They can simply wait in a dark spot for the right opportunity. When the property is illuminated, it makes it much more difficult for an intruder to find a place to hide, and they can be seen from inside the home.

Even before electricity was invented people used to illuminate their property with gas lanterns to provide safety, security, and beauty. In addition to these benefits, because outdoor lighting enhances the look of your property, it can also add to the value.

Front Porch Views

There's nothing like sitting on your porch to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the sounds of nature. If you haven't decided on an idea for your oasis outside, consult with a porch construction Chicago IL contractor who can offer a few ideas about what might work with for the family and designs that might work the best with the layout of your home.
Homes that are made of large stones or wood often work well with a porch that has a rustic design. Start with a wood floor and walls that are made of the same material of the home. if you're not enclosing the porch, then install a stone fireplace with a few lamps on the porch as well. A cover on the roof gives a charming look as it keeps the area dim so that you can utilize the light from the fire instead. Furniture can include chairs or a couch made of wood and overstuffed cushions that are a neutral color.

If you plan on entertaining or you like having friends and family over, then create a porch that is designed for entertaining. Your porch should extend from one side of the home to the other or even wrap around the side of the house. Connect the porch to the interior of the home with French or sliding doors so that there is a nice flow from one area to the other. A porch for entertaining would include a dining area with a grill or a beverage bar as well as a separate area for relaxing and chatting with each other.

Living near the ocean almost requires that you have a front porch so that you can listen to the waves and feel the ocean breeze at any time. Create a relaxing environment with large white rocking chairs on a gray or dark wooden porch. Adirondack chairs and a coffee table or side table to match would also blend well with the beach theme. Paint the rails of the porch white to bring the beach atmosphere to your home along with a few seashell wind chimes or small plants at the corners of the porch.

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

It’s that time of year again, a new start, a time for new goals and fresh beginnings. While you’re making your personal improvement goals this year – you know, those we all make every year like eating well and working out every day – take some time to think about other improvements you’d like to make, like home improvements. Some Idaho Falls home builders have put together this great list of ideas for New Year’s resolutions for your home.
A cat, sofa with blue and green cushions, coffee table, lamps, end tables, and throw blanket in an airy apartment in Wooster

The first thing you might want to plan for in the new year is any fixes that need to be made around your home. Does your bathroom or kitchen have a plumbing problem? Did your kids kick a hole in the wall that you’ve covered with a painting? Now is the time to plan for those fixes. With a fresh start, you can plan everything that you need to make these fixes in your home.

Interior Design
Have you been wanting to redecorate? Plan for it this year! It’s a new year, so anything can happen. Get motivated by drawing up a plan for the way you want your living room, kitchen, entryway, or bedrooms to look. Making a great plan for your interior design ideas is the first step to achieving this New Year’s resolution.

Home Improvements
Are there any other improvements you want to make around your home that don’t involve fixing or decorating? Maybe you want new countertops, or a new color painted on the walls. Now is the time to plan for it! Dream big and come up with your wonderful new ideas (of course you want to keep it within your means, but that doesn’t mean improvements can’t happen at all).

Draft up some plans for the new year and goals of the changes you would like to make to your home, and make a schedule for when you would like those things to happen. Because you are starting at the beginning, you have time to plan a budget and save for things that you might not have otherwise thought of. The key is solid planning, sticking to a schedule, saving the money, and executing your plan. You’ll feel so happy when you’ve achieved these goals that have been nagging you forever. So get to it!