Leave the Fridge Repairs to the Pros

There are some people who try to repair things on their own because they do not want to spend the money needed to hire a pro. In some cases, this is a wise decision. For example, it is not very hard to change the oil in a car. This can save you the $20 that you would need to pay to have your oil changed by a mechanic. However, there are other repairs around your home that are much too complicated for you to handle. You should not attempt to fix your fridge when it breaks down. Here are a few reasons why.
Sub-Zero Refrigerator
1. Attempting to repair a refrigerator when you are not qualified to do so could be dangerous.
You need to consider the fact that refrigerator repair technicians need to be trained for a long time until they are certified and qualified to make repairs on their own. Therefore, only bad things can happen if you attempt to make the repairs with zero training. Doing so could be dangerous. You might make a mistake that causes a short circuit when the fridge is turned on. A short circuit could quickly cause a fire in your home. You might accidentally cause some of the coolant to leak out of the fridge. These are just two examples of many bad things that could happen if you try to be an amateur fridge repairman.

2. A professional refrigerator technician will be able to detect small problems before they get worse.
The technicians who work for Sub Zero refrigerator repair Key Largo will be able to give your machine a thorough inspection. They will do much more than fix what is wrong with your fridge. They will also check to see if there are any other issues that are in the beginning stages. Fixing small problems now will save you major repair expenses in the future.

3. You will probably end up making the initial problem worse than it was before.
Not knowing what you are doing when you try to repair your fridge can have other unfortunate consequences. You could very easily damage certain parts of the fridge when you are trying to fix it. Doing this could possibly make the original problem even worse. This will result in a larger repair bill when you eventually call a professional fridge technician to fix it.

Signs of a Dirty or Clogged Air Filter in Your Office

An air filter is one of the most important parts of your office's HVAC system. This simple filter blocks some of the harmful contaminants that otherwise reach your work space and your workers. Those contaminants can include insects that find a way into your vents, debris from trash outside and pollutants that can aggravate those with allergies. When you have a good maintenance plan in place, you will change your filter before it clogs. If you do not have a maintenance plan though, you'll want to look out for the signs of a dirty or clogged filter.
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Cold and Flu Symptoms
Cold and flu season can wreak havoc on an office. All it takes is one employee bringing in germs from home for every person in the office to get sick. This season only lasts for a set portion of the year though. If you notice employees exhibiting cold and flu symptoms during other parts of the year, you might blame those symptoms on your air filter. Clogged filters can let more particles through that leave employees suffering from headaches, muscle pains, breathing troubles or tightness in their chests.

Poor Temperature Control
Another sign of a clogged air filter is poor temperature control or no temperature control. The filters in your AC system allow more air to flow through the system and more air to reach you. If the filter clogs, this may keep you from enjoying cool temperatures on a hot day. It can also interfere with the warm temperatures that you need on cold days. The system will struggle to produce the temperature that you need and may overheat or make loud noises that sound like someone knocking on the walls.

High Energy Bills
The biggest sign that you have a clogged filter or a dirty filter is when your energy bills suddenly increase. Whether you own or rent an office, you're probably responsible for the utility bills. You know the average cost of those bills and can see when the price suddenly rises. While your bills can fluctuate during the year, sharp increases between two months are a sign of an HVAC problem. With help from a commercial HVAC Chicago tech, you can find out whether you need a new filter or if the AC needs replaced. Techs can come to your place of business nearly any time of the day to help.

Four Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for the Fall

As summer comes to an end, the days shorten, and thoughts turn to the upcoming autumn season. There are many things that a conscientious homeowner needs to do to get ready for the coming season, some of which are easier than others. Before you start planning your final barbecue and get ready to go back to school, take a little bit of extra time to prepare your house for the next season. Here are some tips to help you get started.
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Get Major Repairs Done First
Don't let this cold and windy season begin while you still have major repairs that need to be done. If something is important in the summer, it's even more important in the rainy fall and winter. Find a reliable local professional to take care of serious problems before they get out of hand. For example, if you need roofing Quincy Massachusetts, choose a respected company like Southshore Roofers. You'll save money in the long run by addressing problems before they get out of hand.

Put Away Summer Fun
If you're lucky enough to have a pool, now is the time to close it up and get it ready for winter. In most cases, there is no need to empty the pool, as long as it is covered for the winter securely and cleaned thoroughly once the next summer swim season begins. Also store pool toys, cleaning tools, and other summer fun equipment that would be damaged by inclement weather.

Clean Up Your Gutters
Before the leaves start falling from the trees, make sure that your home is ready to meet the challenge of keeping them cleaned up. That means making sure that your gutters are cleaned out and ready to go. To prevent future difficulty, consider putting on a guard for your gutters, minimizing the number of leaves that it collects over the fall season. You can also get ready for the leaves by having a good plan to get rid of your leaves. The best bet is to either compost them or to cut them into pieces and use them for mulch.

Inspect Your Home
At the end of each season, walk around your home and check it over for problems. Look for signs of insect infestation or cracks in your foundation. Often, small problems go overlooked, so take the time to check.

Unique Ways to Use Utility and Telephone Poles

Every time that you drive down the street, you pass dozens of utility and telephone poles. If you're like most people, you probably drive right by without a second glance. Others know that these poles are one of the best materials for home projects and arts and crafts projects. You don't need to tear down those poles or look for older poles for sale either. You can purchase brand new materials from a utility pole manufacturer and try your hand at making some unique decorations for your home or yard.

Flower Beds
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When you plant flowers in your yard, you need to be aware of potential problems that can pop up, including wild or domesticated animals digging up those flowers and the soil shifting. Using wood poles to create raised flower beds helps you avoid some of those problems. These flower beds feature two or more poles set on top of each other to form the overall shape of the bed and soil that you pack inside until the dirt reaches just below the surface. You can use the poles to make any shape or outline that you have in mind too.

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Do you want to make your staircase into the focal point of your home? When you go to look at the different railing and banister options available from most home improvement stores, you'll find that you only have a few different options. With utility poles, you can make your own railing for any staircase. Most people cut the poles in half and use just one piece to make the railing. You can make your existing banister work with that railing. These poles are often suitable for making a railing that surrounds your deck or porch too.

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Rustic furniture has a friendly and welcoming look but costs more money than you might want to spend. With utility poles, you can make your own rustic furniture. To make your finished pieces look even more rustic, try leaving those poles outside for a few months to let nature weather the wood. You can then cut the poles into different size pieces to make table legs and tops, chairs and even benches for indoor or outdoor use. Once you find a good supplier of telephone and utility poles, you can purchase all the wood that you need to make any of these projects.

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