5 Last Minute Halloween Decorations

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and that means trick-or-treaters will soon be on your doorstep. If you’ve waiting until the last minute to decorate, never fear, because we have connections with a great property management company in Idaho Falls that put together this list of last minute Halloween decorations just for you.
Decorating for Halloween has never been so easy!
Monster Door
Door decorations will take your home from bland to fearsome in a matter of minutes. All you need is some paper and scissors for the very basics. Add in some spider webs or streamers to take this to the next level. You could turn your door into a mummy, a cyclops, or any monster you see fitting for your spooky home. You could even place the eyes and teeth above the door so your guests feel like they are being consumed by your terrifying monster house. Check out this gallery of monster doors for more ideas.
Glow Balloons
Glow-in-the-dark anything is almost required for Halloween decorations. It just adds to the festiveness of the entire holiday, whether you are wearing glow sticks or using them in an awesome decoration like these glow balloons. You can line them along your walkway outside so trick-or-treaters walk past them. You could also hang them along porch rails or line the door with them. There are so many possibilities for this simple decoration! All you need is some balloons, glow sticks, and a sharpie.
Glowing Eyes
Because glow sticks are in abundance at this time of year and won’t be difficult to grab last minute, here’s another great glow stick hack for decorating on Halloween. All you need is toilet paper rolls, scissors, and glow sticks. You can hide these eerie eyes in the bushes around your house or in your living room window if it’s dark inside. Find a tutorial at Rust and Sunshine.
Candy Bowl
Don’t plan on sticking around your house all night on Halloween? Or maybe you just don’t want the doorbell ringing a thousand times? Pick up some candy and a festive bowl to sit outside your door for trick-o-treaters. You can even make your own and hang it on the door like Cherished Bliss did with this awesome pumpkin door hanger.  
Spider Webs
Try this trash bag spider web. All you need is a black trash bag and scissors, which are both probably just lying around at home. These make a great window decoration. You can even hang them up in a tree, lay them out on the lawn, or attach them to the side of your house. If you want to take this awesomely easy decoration to the next level, add in some creepy homemade spiders.

Don’t worry if you waited until the last minute to get your decorations up. These simple do-it-yourself items will be a great addition to your spooky house this Halloween. Have fun with it and see if you can turn some other common household items into awesome decorations.

Hiring the Best Remodeling Contractor

Many people remodel their homes every year. However, many of these people do not get what they paid for. This is because they do not spend the time needed to track down a highly skilled contractor to be in charge of their home remodeling project. Instead, they opt to hire the very first contractor they come across. It does not take a genius to figure out what is going to happen. You really need to be sure about who you hire to remodel your home. Get some background info so you are certain of the person's level of experience. Here are some of the ways you can go about hiring a really good contractor to help you remodel you house.
Image result for Remodeling Contractor
1. Only hire a contractor who has done a great deal of great work in the past.
You need to make sure the contractor you hire has the skills that are needed to make your home look great. The best way to determine this is to take a look at his previous projects. You will be able to see if they are up to your standards. The really good remodeling contractors should have a list of previous clients that they use for references. You will be able to check out their work up close. Carefully examine it so you can decide if you would be happy with the same level of craftsmanship in your own home.

2. Make sure the contractor has a high rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
Remodeling contractors who have earned the coveted A+ rating are the people that you should give your attention to. These people have been doing outstanding work for many years. They have literally dozens of satisfied customers. Otherwise, they would never have been able to get that high of a rating from the BBB. You should only consider hiring home builders in northern VA who have demonstrated that skill and expertise by earning a high BBB rating.

3. Can the contractor begin the project when you want him to?
It is important that the remodeling contractor you hire is able to begin the project according to your schedule. He must be available on days that are good for you. You must also find a contractor who will be able to start working very soon. Do not agree to wait for several months if a contractor says he is busy.

5 Benefits of Investing in Used Office Furniture

Your office can look like a million bucks, without having to spend a fortune on the furnishings. Buying used furniture is one way to stretch your budget further and get better quality than you might be able to get brand new. Below are five of the biggest benefits to purchasing office furniture that is pre-owned.
Image result for Used Office Furniture
Buying Used Helps the Environment
Offering a new home to used office furniture has a definite positive impact on the environment. Less raw materials and natural resources have to be used to make new furniture. Far less office furniture ends up in the landfill.

Buy Name Brands for Less
The difference in cost with brand new office furniture and used can be staggering. This is especially true if you are trying to buy more name brand items. You can often get more high-quality furniture for an equal or lesser amount than you would pay to get a few brand new pieces.

Quality Used Office Furniture Retains Value
You may have no intention of purchasing used office furniture with the intent of one day reselling the items. If anything happened that caused you to close up shop, quality office furniture will have retained more than 75 percent resale value. This makes carefully researched and well thought out purchases can prove to be a financial windfall. You can raise the worth of your total business assets in an unexpected way.

Most Items are Lightly Used or Refurbished
An office furniture outlet that specializes in high-end products will have gone over each item with a fine-tooth comb. Any flaws will have been fixed, although most items come in lightly used condition. There will be plenty of years of use left in each item. You get the nearly full benefit of top-notch furniture without the high price tag of new.

Quicker Delivery
The waiting process for new brand named office furniture can be weeks. Many items are not manufactured until the orders are there. This means having to patiently wait for your office to feel complete. The purchase of used office furniture allows you to take delivery of already available and fully assembled products right away.

Contact professionals in office furniture Salem Oregon like Office Furniture Direct to find the items you need or check out their online catalog.

Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up a Home

Your home is your castle or at very least, the hub of your life and the lives of those who live with you. While remodeling entirely is an expensive proposition that most people dismiss because it seems financially unattainable, there are several low-cost ways to make an old house feel new again.

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Gutting a kitchen or bathroom for renovation is not only expensive, it requires a great deal of time. Rather than completely rehabilitating either room, choose changes to make. For instance, replacing the floor tile, installing a marble countertop or changing the plumbing fixtures may be enough to make the room feel new again without going bankrupt.
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Living Rooms, Family Rooms and Dens
The places in your home where you hang out with your kids or pets, do business or simply relax can easily be upgraded with very little money. A new sofa, installing new carpet, a fresh coat of paint or something as simple as a new piece art for the wall can recreate your comfort zones without a ton of cash.

Fixing Up the Bedrooms
Like the communal areas mentioned in the paragraph above, bedrooms are easy to redo on a strict budget. For instance, all new bedding, redoing the paint or installing a set of bookshelves can give the room flare. Regardless of what you choose to do with bedrooms, remember that such an intensely personal space deserves all of the individualization that you give it.

Basements and Attics
Attics and basements are insanely difficult to fix up if they were not finished in the first place, but it is possible. Paint the walls, install some flooring and add items that will give the space a more complete look. If all else fails, cover the walls in colorful, creative contact paper, get some throw rugs and try to use the area as planned.

Learning to Stay on Budget
Choosing to recreate your home without total renovation and financial disaster can often seem like a daunting task but it is possible. The first step to achieving the home that you've been dreaming of is to make a plan. Decide what you want to do, write a budget and stick to your goals in order to turn your existing space into that which you have hoped for since the idea of remodeling on a budget first took shape.

Time to Upgrade Your Countertop

Refurnishing your countertops is a great way to give your kitchen a new look without the hefty price tag that normally comes with upgrading your kitchen. A marble countertop is a popular choice because it does not only offer a more luxurious look but also because it’s one of the more affordable options out there. A lot of homeowners are surprised by how economical marble countertops can be. It is also the more obvious option when it comes to transforming your kitchen at the least amount of time.
Marble countertops can also fit both the old and classic style and the more contemporary design of homes and kitchens. Whatever your design choice may be, there are marble countertops that can complement it such as the solid white marble and the black and white marbles which are a popular choice for those who are leaning towards a more modern design palette.

If you’re thinking of upgrading the look of your kitchen or any room in your home such as the bathroom or the backyard and you are not keen on spending a substantial amount of money on it, then refurbishing your countertops by using marbles is a great way to achieve it. You don’t also have to worry about having little knowledge in choosing the best marble countertop for your kitchen because there are retailers that can help you throughout the whole process.

Look for a reputable online supplier and retailer of natural stones that you can choose which marble design can help you create the upgrade that you want. They can also guide you on choosing the natural stone that can match the whole design of your home.