How To Declutter Your Home

If your home is cluttered, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed. No matter how stuffed your home is or how long it has been that way, it is possible to make changes and achieve your decluttering goals.

Clean Out

Some individuals want to clean out every room in the house in one weekend, and others prefer to go more slowly. Whatever your timeline, it is important to be methodical and as thorough as possible. Start with one room or one closet, declutter it and then move on.  

Discard or donate items that you no longer use. There is nothing wrong with keeping sentimental items, but if you find yourself holding on to more than you would like, consider taking pictures and storing them in either a digital or physical photo album.

For things that you use infrequently, a storage unit allows you to store your belongings safely and retrieve them as needed. Even if you choose a reputable public storage units Petaluma company, it is important to insure all items in case of theft or damage.


Once your residence is decluttered, it is time to begin organizing. As with cleaning out, some people want to do everything at once, and others prefer to take their time. Drawer dividers, hooks, boxes, bins and labels all come in handy during this process.

Create a system that feels as natural to you as possible so that you stick with it. For example, decide if it is easier for you to find spices if you arrange them by name or group them according to cuisine. Don’t be afraid to reorganize if you realize later on that the system isn’t working for you.

In a perfect world, our homes would be neat and clean all the time. Although that is impossible, you can make maintaining your residence easier by decluttering and organizing.