Easy Home Décor Ideas

Even when your home is decorated and done to your exact specifications it can get a bit boring if nothing ever changes. That’s probably why seasonal décor is so popular and why it feels so rewarding when you change the bedding as part of spring cleaning – marking of the passage of time is a big part of family life and home décor.
Bedrooms are a great place to make small seasonal changes – hanging bed canopies can be a summer ritual recalling the installation of mosquito netting over sleeping cots on the porch as it was done a century ago. A bed canopy can be fanciful when hung over a baby crib or bassinet; the same canopy becomes whimsical when draped over a young girl’s bed where she imagines herself a fairytale princess. In an adult bedroom a net canopy can add an air of drama and romance.
Updating the bathroom need not require replacement of the bathroom vanity and medicine cabinets – it’s easy to change the look of a room by simply replacing bathroom hardware such as knobs and drawer pulls. There are many whimsical thematic drawer pulls and shower curtain hooks which make it easy to introduce a new look in minutes. A new towel ring, robe hook or towel bar can change the look of a mundane bathroom and help to keep towels and clothing off the floor.
Experts recommend replacing bathroom soft goods such as shower curtains and bath mats on an annual basis to help reduce the possibility of mold and mildew; this is a great opportunity to change the look of a bath or powder room. A new hookless shower curtain is easy to install in minutes.


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