What Are Modern Leather Sofas Made Of?

Leather sofas are a popular furniture purchase for any modern family, but when you come to pick your leather sofa design, it can be tricky to know what you’re actually buying. Of course you know it’s made of leather, but what are the differences between the leathers on offer? Here’s a round-up:

Full Aniline Leather
Let’s start with the most luxurious finish for leather sofas. Full Aniline is completely natural without any coating except a protective layer that keeps it from being scratched. Full aniline leather sofas are wonderfully soft to the touch and, for those who can afford it, add glamor and sophistication to any room.

Natural Waxed Hide
Natural waxed hide looks great on modern leather sofas and it is the fasting growing leather on the market at the moment. It generally has a very light protective coating which means it can get scratched quite easily but it is nothing a quick re-colour with a specialist cream can fix. The natural scarring features make the leather have a unique appeal.

Extra Thick & Double Thickness Hide
These two hides are very similar, being thicker than ordinary leather. Leather sofas made from either of these leathers are usually great value for money as they are hard-wearing. These leathers look nice on corner sofas or large suites. They feature a heavy grain which makes them ideal for everyday use from a big family.

Semi-Aniline Leather
If you want your sofa to be soft and warm, then semi-aniline (or Fine grain) leather is a wonderful option. It looks nice on either vintage or modern couch designs and has a luxurious soft finish with adequate protection to keep it looking as good as new despite everyday use.

Corrected Grain Leather
This is the cheapest and most basic form of leather, often found on budget leather sofas. It means that the leather has a coated finish that adds a strong, uniformed look to the material. It is still soft to the touch but does not have that really luxurious feel found on semi-aniline or full aniline leather sofas. This leather is the easiest to keep clean.