Uniform Hangers

It's really embarrassing to admit that I'm such a slacker when it comes to folding clothes. I hate doing it. Plus, it's time consuming! I just don't have the patience to fold clothes to be honest. Thanks to the person who invented the hanger...lol!
Lately, I've been doing some improvements in my walk in closet. And I'm also trying to get my stuff organized again. Right now, I'm working on my shoe racks and organizing my colored-coded tanks, shirts and blouses.

I'm strictly using white hangers for all my clothes. Uniform hangers really do make your closet feel clean and organized.


Michell said...

Wow it's a lot of top/t-shirts. You're doing a great job in organizing your closet. BPC hop!

January Zelene said...

wow! super dami! ka daghan jud ana dhemz oi. patanawa pud mi sa shoes beh murag mas daghan pa cguro. hehe

my BPC 8/365

Rcel said...

Mura jud pang-artista imong closet Dhemz! IO used to only use white hangers pud pero ambot nganong nangasagulan man ni ug colored na oi. LOL. Akong hanged clothes kay only dresses, skirts, and blouses nga wrinkle-free. Tanan regular clothes kay folded. Wa man mi walk in closet oi, gadam-ok ang show sa akong closet kay kalat kaayo. Ako ra ang OCD. Akong mga sakop bulhot ki bulhot lang sa ilang gusto suoton. LOL.

Thanks for linking this to BPC!

Re: pa-check up na sa eyes kay aron magamit ang insurance. $130 ra man ang covered sa frame sa insurance, tapos akong frame napili kay tag $200 plus man. Plus mga additional options pa jud dayon sa lens.

emzkie said...

wow so many clothes mommy dhemz.i could imagine my hubby saying can u wear all these shirt at the same time? lol! haha... akoa nakapilo ug wala naka organize. masking asa lang gipang butang. dili nako i hang kay im sure pagmakita sa akong bana, mao pud iyang i ingon sa akoa. hahahaha... nakatago diay ang uban. lol!

BPC hop ko
by the way.. i want a walk-in closet too, pero dili musugot ang akong bana coz it will give me an excuse to shop more! haha

Jessica Cassidy said...

Yay! great job on organizing Momi Dhemz :-) pwede paapil ang akoa closet pud pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee :-) Dropping very late from 8th day of BPC