4 Tips for Romantic Décor You’ll Love

Romantic Design
Today’s romantic styles are soft, fanciful, sweet, warm, and personal, and there are numerous ways to add them to your home decor.
  • Find your color: Pinks and roses of every shade, subdued corals and terra-cotta, rich plums and violets, apricot – select hues that are designed to create dewy, flattering glows and bring out natural skin tones. For more sophistication, keep the chosen color scheme monochromatic, like barely-there blush pink walls paired with neutral furniture and deeper pink fabrics.
  • Treasures new and old: Antiqued mirrors, mercury glass lamps, bird cages, silver trays, crystal vases, shiny candleholders – you can literally find your treasures or create them. From tarnishing and distressing to weathering and faux patina treatments, there are a variety of techniques to apply to new items that will create an old-fashioned appearance.
  • Mood lighting: Douse the fluorescent lights. Wall-mounted sconces or elegant chandeliers diffuse light and create a softer backdrop for your room. Choose lower-wattage bulbs to give off a warm ambiance. Better yet, group together a variety of white or cream candles for accent lighting.
  • Send flowers: Whether you’re adding real flowers, artificial greenery or floral patterned wallpapers, fabrics, rugs or carpets, the key to achieving a romantic look is to stick with florals that fall into the same color family. Too much of a good thing will take your design from sweet to saccharine.
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- J McKenzie


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