How can external wall coatings benefit your home?

In today’s society, there are more companies than ever trying to encourage you to do things to your home to improve it. Unfortunately, it becomes hard to know what companies are trying to make some quick money and what ones are actually offering good advice. For this reason, it is worth doing your research before you decide to pay any company to complete work for you. One of the things that is being recommended a lot at the moment is external wall coating and it is important to know what this can do for your home, and whether it would be advantageous for your situation. Here, we will explore more about the benefits of wall coating.

External wall coating aims to protect the outside of your home from damage, while at the same time repairing any damage that might have been done in the past. During the coating process, any dirt or moss that has gathered on your walls will be removed, and this means any damage that could have been done will be avoided. Two coats of the external wall coating are applied, and this means that your home is protected from the majority of potential exterior damage, including weather damage. Although companies vary with their guarantees, the average time between an initial coating and another one is 15 years, which is obviously quite a substantial amount of time.

A benefit of external wall coating that many people forget is that it can save them money on energy bills. The coating serves to insulate the home, meaning that less heat escapes from the walls. As this is the case, you no longer need to have your heating turned on as much, which means you lower your energy bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.

In addition to the above point, you might also find that adding an external wall coating to your home has a number of long-term financial benefits should you ever decide that you would like to sell your property. In the current market, it can be very difficult to find somebody who is willing to pay what you would consider a decent amount of money for your home. This means that any potential seller needs to do whatever they can in order to receive a fair price. With external wall coating, not only can you advertise that your home would save money on energy bills, but as it makes your properties exterior more attractive, people are more impressed when they come to view your property.
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For these reasons, it seems that external wall coatings could very well be a good investment. Considering the number of options that are open to you if you want to invest money in your property, this is one of the most beneficial solutions. So, if you are considering external wall coating for your own property, then you can be safe in the knowledge that it is a worthwhile short and long-term investment.

Written by Kristian Sturt who regularly writes for Home Coatings a UK based company who specialise in roof and wall coatings to clients throughout the UK.


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