Top 5 Types of Shrubs That are Synonymous With Billionaires Homes

Driving by homes of billionaires can be quite fascinating.  One of the first aspects of these homes that many people make note of is their landscaping.  Very expensive homes can have some very ornate landscaping with the use of several different types of shrubs.  Their landscaping can sometimes be very high maintenance, yet very visually stimulating.  If you have ever wondered what types of shrubs millionaires or billionaires use in their landscaping here are a few of the top species.
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Carissa Hollies
Carissa hollies (Ilex cornuat 'Carissa') are very green and create a sweeping look in any yard.  Carissa hollies are evergreen shrubs and generally will grow to be about three or four feet in height over several years.  This is a good shrub to plant around the foundation of a home.  It does not produce berries and has softer leaves.  Carissa hollies do best in full to partial sun.

Baby's Breath
Spiraea thunbegii, also commonly known as baby's breath spiraea is a great shrub for its color.  Baby's breath gives a large dose of white color and can give the appearance of lace in landscaping.  In the fall it will turn a yellow or reddish brown.  Baby's breath grows to be about five feet tall and wide.  It also likes full sun, but can still do well with a little shade exposure.  Baby's breath creates a sophisticated and old-fashioned look in any yard.

Nandina (Nandina domestica) is another popular shrub for billionaires to landscape with.  This shrub can grow as high as five to six feet, sometimes even up to eight feet in some climates.  It has a lot more upward growth than outward, and therefore, works great in narrow spaces.  Nandina is durable and produces red berry clusters in the fall and winter months.  It is a hearty plant and will do well in either sun or shade, making it a popular choice for many different landscaping venues.

WintercreeperWintercreeper (Euonymus fortunei) is a versatile dwarf shrub.  It can be used in borders, containers, beds, and even in rock gardens.  This shrub grows about one foot high and can grow as wide as three feet, making them the perfect ground-cover plant.  Wintercreeper is adaptable and low-maintenance.  They do best in full sun to part shade and prefer moist but well drained soil areas.

Evergreen Hebe
Evergreen Hebe shrubs are popular, compact, and low growing shrubs.  Some varieties have a lot of foliage and others have very attractive flowers in white, pink, or purple.  They do not generally require pruning and can usually be grown in many different soil types.

Landscaping a yard is quite an investment.  It is an investment of not only money, but also time, effort and talent.  Once you have planted shrubs, trees, or other plants, you want them to live and look beautiful.  Unfortunately, it takes work to meet that goal.  Hiring professional arborists can help to protect your landscaping investment.  Arborists have the talent and knowledge to keep your landscaping alive and looking great year round.  Use a professional arborist to help maintain your shrubs and trees and they will be properly maintained and cared for, and look beautiful for many years to come.

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