Unlikely Ways to Create More Space in Your Home

Though many of us are looking to increase the amount of space we have in our homes, there are some objects that really aren't that suitable as property extensions and here are just a few...

Flying Cars

When you are asleep in your bed at night, the last thing you would expect is to find an Audi TT flying into your downstairs living room. However, that is exactly what happened to one unlucky couple in Suffolk.

Neighbours said the crash was equivalent to the sound of an explosion occurring in the house and the damage to the property was considerable.

But on closer inspection of this particular incident, you have to ask yourself, just how did the Audi land so high up in the house? Was it flying across the sky? Or is there a more logical explanation?

Overdue Ferries

Most of us would enjoy a close view of the water from our homes, but these unlucky residents may have got more than they bargained for in their riverside apartment.

Though the transportation ferry is always very practical for carrying people forwards and back across the water, when it decides to take half your home with it, it's not such a bonus.

And when it comes to a battle between a delicate little apartment and a massive boat careering towards you, there's no doubt who is going to come out on top.

The 9:15 from Stockholm

When you live in Sweden, it is not just the road and the water that can cause a problem. You also have to keep a close eye on the train tracks too.

When a cleaning lady stole a full sized commuter train from the depot in which she worked and decided to take it for a ride, she ended up smashing into the side of an apartment block in a suburb of Stockholm.

Fortunately only the driver herself was hurt, but we do wonder what the residents thought when they came home from work. We think this takes commuting a little too close to home.

Build the Swimming Pool Inside

When you do decide to make some improvements to your home, make sure the equipment you have is going to make the right sort of changes.

While everybody's eyes are on the pool being maneuvered into the garden plot within this clip, most people are wondering if the chimney is in jeopardy. But it soon turns out that this was the least of the home owners' worries.

It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, sometimes the most weird and disastrous incidents happen when you least expect it. So all we can do is stay as safe as we can and hope for the best. But just in case, make sure you have your video phone on full charge. When this type of thing happens it is always worth a short clip!

Guest Post by AllKareUK, property damage experts with 13 years of experience in all types of incidents, from the weird to the wonderful and all the way back again.


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