4 Tips: Decorating a Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your ultimate place of relaxation. Your bedroom should be filled with reminders of all the things you love. Your bedroom should be a place where you can completely unwind from your day and escape from reality for a little bit. In order for your bedroom to be the oasis it’s supposed to be you have to do a few things first. Here are a few ways you can achieve the perfect get away in your own bedroom.
1. Color
Color is one of the most important aspects when decorating in general. It is even more important when it comes to decorating a bedroom. The colors of a bedroom determine the entire mood of the space. To create a cozy and relaxing space your bedroom will need to be filled with warm colors. Warm colors include shades of red, pink, yellow, orange, tan, brown, crème, deep purple, navy blue, etc. If you live somewhere where you can paint the walls you can paint one of these colors and instantly create a cozy feel to the room.

2. Lighting
Lighting is another thing that can make or break the atmosphere and mood in a bedroom. Most bedrooms have overhead lighting but the problem is that overhead lighting is not cozy or romantic. Your best bet in a bedroom would be light via lamps. Another thing to consider is the type of light you want in your bedroom.  Most people prefer yellow lighting in bedrooms because it gives of a softer and more relaxed feel. White lighting most often brings a very upbeat and exciting feel to a room, which is not what most people are going for when decorating their bedroom.

3. Pictures
What fills the walls of your bedroom is probably what you will think about the most when you are in there. If you are a huge family person then having pictures of your loved ones filled with happy memories will bring peace to you in your bedroom. If you are a traveler or want to be a traveler pictures of different places around the world will inspire you. If your ultimate relaxation spot is on the beach but you don’t live close to one fill your room with pictures that remind you of the beach to help you escape there when you are stressed out. Whatever is it that brings you the most comfort; fill your walls with those things.

4. Acessories
Bring objects into your bedroom that will make you happy. If you love music and the way it makes you feel get a really nice sound system in your bedroom. If you feel comfort curled up watching a movie mount a TV on the wall of your bedroom. Every little thing that you bring into your bedroom will add to the total atmosphere of the room. Big fluffy rugs will also help bring a cozy and relaxed feel to a bedroom. You just need to find the things that you like and that make you the happiest.

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About The Author: Katie Melendez is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Katie is also a wife, youth mentor, and a health nut. Follow her blogs for all  current trends on home, health, and family.