How to Make Your Home Scream Luxury

A million-dollar home standing on a far corner would be able to call the attention even of mere passers-by, drawing each of them into the dazzling opulence of the structure. In movies, the lavish lives of filthy rich characters are showcased not without magnificent homes as a backdrop.

But in real life, it’s every homeowner’s dream to have a luxurious kind of home – sans the huge price tag!      

Making your home look luxurious is not just a pipe dream even if you are not a millionaire. If you just have the taste and the creativity, then nothing is impossible. A knack at researching helps, too.

Meanwhile, here are some tips that you can do to achieve that Hollywood-worthy luxury type of home:
  1. Keep your home in spic and span condition.
You’ll never – if not rarely – ever see luxury homes that are cluttered. They are more often than not spotlessly clean, with everything stacked and kept in place. If you want a classy-looking home, see to it that you always keep it without a speck of dust or dirt.
  1. Go for silver accents instead of gold.
It can be easy to associate gold with wealth; however, too much gold accessories can appear gaudy and over the top. Silver, nickel, and chrome, on the other hand, are classier and have a more sophisticated feel.
  1. Place fresh flowers in some parts of home.
Compared to tacky accessories and plastic plant ornaments, fresh flowers make the room look more elegant. Not only that, they can give the room a wonderful scent too.
  1. Good old reliable white still works.
White always gives an aura of freshness, purity, and elegance. A white-painted wall, for example, brings out other highlights of the room, like a vividly-colored painting or a china blue jar or vase. White also looks good with almost anything, so you won’t have a hard time sprucing up the rest of the room.
  1. Invest on quality indoor lighting.
Good indoor lighting always does wonders. A tasteful pendant piece or a more minimalist yet elegant wall sconce for ambient lighting will really go a long way. If you are interested in purchasing quality, long-lasting luxury lighting – click here.
  1.  Choose fabrics that give an elegant effect.
Velvet, linen, and silks have that innate look of class, especially when they are in bold and rich colors, and for silk – pastels. Just mix and match these so that you are able to create depth by creating contrasts and highlights.
  1. Set your curtains high.
Curtains hung just right over the upper frame of the window make a squared, cramped look. To create an illusion of bigger windows, hang your curtains just at the border between the ceiling and the wall. This will make your windows seem bigger and create a classier, more sophisticated look.

These are just few of the many, many things you can do to make your home look a million dollars’ worth more. Just choose your inspirations wisely and do a good deal of canvassing, and you won’t even have to hire a professional designer.

Cedric Loiselle is a highly talented writer who enjoys imparting useful information about home improvement to his readers. For lighting options, he highly recommends