The Truth About Teak Wood and Termites – Don’t They Really Eat It?

Teak wood sofas and furniture are one of the best ways to add elegance and a classy look to your home. Whenever you walk into a furniture store, ensure that the wood is 100% kiln dried and of a high quality. The best quality teak wood furniture will last for many years without splitting or weathering. Teak furniture is increasingly becoming popular as more and more people are becoming aware of the uniqueness it offers to any room. No matter the type of room, teak wood will always offer a touch of quality and stunning beauty to it.
Apart from these qualities, teak wood has also been considered to be termite resistant. But wait, is this for real?
This is true to some extent. When you term teak wood as termite resistant, it means you can leave it out and the little buggers will typically walk away from it. This however, doesn’t mean that it is termite-proof. If you don’t take some caution, termites will eat your teak wood sofa, tables, chairs and other furniture.
Termite resistant teak wood is much less prone to attack by termites than other types of wood. The insect will definitely not enjoy the gustatory experience of the tree. For them, it would feel like when you try to feed on pepper. Eventually, due to hunger, they will finally break in and clear the plate but the experience will be nasty of course.
Teak wood is not appealing to termites but when they have to, they are not safe. This tells you something. It’s time for you to start giving attention to the garden furniture you have left abandoned for weeks now. Otherwise, you may learn the hard way like most people holding to the myth that teak wood furniture is 100% termite proof have.
Another fact regarding teak wood and termites infestation is that termites will more likely to attack sap wood, but will mostly avoid the heartwood. The good story is that most of the teak wood sofas, tables, chairs, wardrobes among other furniture you will find at the teak store are made from heartwood. However, it’s ideal to still take precaution even with teak wood heartwood furniture as cases have been reported of it being attacked by termites.
But how can you keep the termites for good away from your beautiful and classy teak wood furniture and sofas:
  • Get a periodic termite inspection, preferably annual. If the inspectors notice any termites around your home or within the structure itself, have them removed. These insects never make good neighbors when it comes to taking care of your teak furniture.
  • Lastly apply organic orange oil or teak oil, and it will help keep termites away from your sofas and furniture. 
Now that you know the truth, it's time to make sure that your beloved furniture is free from termite attack. Start moving and check out for any possible ways that these annoying insects might intrude to your home. Afterwhich, apply the precautionary measures listed above to enjoy your furniture pieces for a much longer time.
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