#DYI | Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are a unique baby shower gift idea. I've been making diaper cakes for friends since 2007. Diaper cakes are fun and easy to make. A friend of mine just gave birth recently to a healthy baby boy! She supposed to have a baby shower party but the baby came 3 weeks early before the due date. 
Anyways, here are the materials for making the diaper cake: Diaper, stapler, scotch tape, baby powder, ribbons, glue, pizza pan and stuffed animal. All these for less than $20.00. Hey, I'm cheap!
 You need at least 80 pieces of diaper to make a 3 tier. First, roll all 80 diapers and tape them individually.  Position the baby powder bottle in the middle of the pan. Start placing the diaper around the baby powder bottle until the first layer is done. Wrap it with ribbon and staple it. Then, continue until you get to the third layer.
 I like to personalize my ribbon, so I glued a small ribbon over the big one for a dramatic look. 
 Decorate! I then added some bows and stuffed animal on top.
The stuffed animal is tied up securely...lol! The secret? Put a diaper in between the legs and tie it with a rubber band. Trust me, it works!


Unknown said...

payts na kaayo ni pang negosyo bayot ug naay mo order ug diaper cake.

wala ko ka huna huna ani da, gi invite ko baby shower pero wala ko ka adto ky gibaha ug snow among bungtod.

nindot ni nga idea. maayo kayo imung assistant mo lukot sa diaper master na si akesh. hehe

f said...

That's definitely beautifully made, Dhemz! Nice pud kay makaapil ug himo ang artsy kiddo! I'd like to experiment on one, too, next time! Or better yet, pabuntis ko ug usab sa akong bana aron pahimo ko nimo? Hapit na bitaw ta magka-silingan? Nyahaha!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Awww this is definitely a winner sis, pwedeng pang biz!