Nasties to Check for when Renovating Old Houses

Certain reality television shows have brought renovating into the mainstream in recent years, but there are a few things you need to check before you try to renovate older houses on your own. If you decide you feel more comfortable having a professional tackle your home renovation project, consider contacting specialists like ABC Roofing to handle the big jobs for you.


Asbestos is an obvious one, but an important one. Many old houses will contain asbestos, which is fine until it becomes unsettled. If you have even a sliver of doubt about whether or not your house may have asbestos, you should immediately contact a professional such as Roofmasters to have it removed. Asbestos can be very dangerous for you and your family, and it’s the last thing you want to worry about while undertaking your new venture.


The next obvious potential threat are those legless reptiles that love to curl up in sneaky places. Snakes are a real part of many different climates and landscapes, and you’re bound to have read a story about snakes in the roof. Always wear protective gloves, long socks, and have a first-aid kit, with bandages included, nearby. If you think there may be a snake somewhere you are planning to renovate, look up a local snake catcher who can help you deal with the problem. Never try and remove a snake yourself, as it may be poisonous.


Termites may seem like less of an immediate threat, but if you find termite evidence where you are planning to renovate, you could be risking unsafe or unstable work. Always seek a professional opinion and invest in anti-termite supplies before continuing. Every step you take should be a safe one!

Old bits of Wood or Steel

One of the hidden nasties that most people don’t consider when renovating are the bits of wood or metal that are lying around or jutting out in the workspace. A moment of carelessness can lead to a serious injury, so act preventatively instead. Make sure you do a scout of the area you will be renovating before you begin, and keep an eye on anything that could be potentially dangerous. Also make sure you have proper protective gear and a well-stocked first aid kit, just in case.

Electrical wires

Depending on what area you are renovating, and the extent of the renovations, you may need to keep an eye on any old electrical wires. If the house is a bit older, you don’t know what condition the wiring will be in, and this could contribute to a potentially dangerous situation. See if you can find any old plans for the house, or have an electrician inspect the house before you start.

Of course, there are plenty of things to be careful about when renovating, so feel free to share your knowledge below. Don’t forget to take things slowly, and don’t operate outside of your comfort zone. The professional companies are there if you need them.
Happy renovating!


J.Rylie.C said...

Electrical wire is the main concern for our current home. THe former owner didn't hire a pro one when they install everything here, it's scary.

Unknown said...

Can you please tell me what color gray paint this is? I love it and want to use it on our house.