Tower Serving Tray | #DIY #DollarTreeProject #DollarProject

I'll be hosting a complimentary party next weekend, and I'm pretty excited about it! I'll be serving some appetizers and desserts. Since I only have a couple of layer trays, I've decided to create a very economical yet presentable serving trays for the party.
You only need to have 3 simple materials to make it! A tall glass vase, a long plastic tray, and a super glue. I purchased the glass vase and the plastic tray at our local Dollar Tree Store.
First, wipe the vase with dry cloth before applying  the glue around. Wait for 90 seconds, and place the plastic tray above it. Then let it dry for 10-24 hours.
And viola! Now I don't have to worry about serving trays. I actually made a few of this kind of project. It looks very neat, expensive and presentable. Plus, it's very cheap! Who would have thought?!


Unknown said...

what a neat way to make a serving dish! My hubby bbroke my last one! Thanks for the great idea!

Dhemz said...

No problem!