How to Save Big Money on Heating and Air

There are many simple ways the typical home owner can save a lot of money just by practicing preventive maintenance. Heating and Air conditioning repair services can cost you thousands of dollars if there is a need to replace your unit. Most people are aware of the requirement to change the air filter and this is a basic necessity for maintenance and a good place to start.

Regardless of whether your unit is outdoors or indoors, separate air and heat, or a single heat pump unit, compiling a check list of the things you can do yourself is a good idea. Unfortunately, most installers and service technicians will not take the time educate you on this. Check with the manufacturer of your specific model as they are the best source of information on what needs to be inspected and serviced, and at what intervals. Some things this will include are cleaning.

The primary components such as the coil, the compressor and associated tubing, the fan motor and fan blade, the control box, wires and circuitry, are all parts that need to be kept clean and inspected visually for any obstructions or damage. Make sure the drip pan underneath is clear of restricted drain openings. Keep the whole cabinet housing free of dust and lint. Checking these things routinely can help avert preventable damage.

Extending the life of your heating and air conditioning unit through maintenance is worth the effort. Just consider what one service call for repair will cost and you might be more motivated. Look at air condition repair in Roswell Ga. Or air condition repair in Seattle, WA. Or anywhere USA. It is a industry generating billions in revenue. Repair specialists do provide a valuable service, but one that often could have been avoided if fundamental maintenance had been carried out.

Another key factor in heating and air conditioning and what it will ultimately cost the consumer is the brand of the unit you choose to install in the first place. Currently, there are at least 57 manufacturers building heating and air conditioning units that available on the market. Each of these differ greatly, of-course, based on quality, reliability, and price. The old adage of, “you only get what you pay for”, is certainly relevant here. It would be advantageous to do a little research before you make such an important decision on which one to buy. You do not want to find yourself needing to call an air conditioner repair service once a year. You will save money in the long run by going with quality over price. These are just a few helpful thoughts to consider as we all want to save money and avoid inconvenience and frustration.


Mama to 5 said...

What great suggestions. Here in Florida a/c is a must all year long, we leave ours on all year!

MikiHope said...

These are definitely great suggestions that all homeowners should heed. I live in an apartment and I know I should get my 2 units serviced and soon!!

Liz Mays said...

I'll be in the market for a new A/C system soon, so I'll be doing a lot of research beforehand for sure!

Anonymous said...

very timely sharing.
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seansimons said...

Obviously air conditioning repair is going to be necessary from time to time throughout your life. However, I echo your sentiment about saving a lot of money by practicing preventative maintenance. Furthermore, the preventative maintenance you preform will help your unit run more efficiently, which will be cost effective and more comfortable.

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Unknown said...

Proper maintenance for anything, I think, is crucial to anything having a long, productive life. Especially your AC unit. I appreciate all of the tips on how you can properly maintain your air conditioning like making sure the drip pan is clear and the cabinet is free of dust and lint. I appreciate the reminder to routinely check these components. Like I said before, proper maintenance will help anything work better and longer, and your air conditioning is one of those things that should always be checked on properly.