Cold Weather Blues? Home Maintenance Tips

Almost everywhere around the country, homeowners are starting to feel the cold weather creep in under the doors, through the windows and into their homes. While there isn’t anything you can do about the cold weather, you obviously need to be able to combat it if you want to stay comfortable.

For most people, combatting cold weather means putting on a sweater and turning up the heat to make the house warm. If you’re just turning your heater on now though, there’s a chance that it may not be working its best.

Use these tips to keep your home comfortable while you’re waiting on a professional Tampa AC repair and heat repair contractor to get to your home.

Schedule Repair Service ASAP
When you first turn on your heater and you realize that it isn’t working as efficiently as you need it to, you probably think that you need to let it run. Some homeowners even let the heater run for a day or two before they realize that they just aren’t going to get the warmth that they need.

Instead of letting your heater run for days, call a qualified repair service and have them do some basic maintenance work. Even if nothing is wrong with your heater, a tune-up will give you a more efficient unit.

That means you’ll spend less money on heating bills this winter.

Open Curtains
During the day, the sun works to warm the air and your home. However, if you’re like a lot of homeowners, you don’t take advantage of the amount of heat the sun can provide during the winter months because you keep your curtains closed and your blinds down.

Let the sunshine fill your home during the day and you’ll likely notice that the temperature will rise inside your house a few degrees. At night, you should close your curtains again to keep all of the cold air out.

Think of your curtains as a barrier between you and what’s outside. In the daytime, you want the warmth to fill your home. When it gets dark you need to keep all of that cold from seeping into your house.

Use Portable Heaters
Many people don’t use portable heaters at home because they run up your electricity bill. They do work though, and putting them in one room where you spend time, like the bedroom, will keep you comfortable.

You can always unplug your heater once the central heat and AC are repaired.