Angel Revamp

Do you ever shop at Thrift Stores? I do once in a blue moon but preferably hunt for decor items and angels. I always stay away from the clothing section since I noticed most of them were overpriced!
 So last weekend, I decided to visit my favorite thrift store nearby and spotted this beautiful vintage looking angel. When I picked it, I found out that there are some minor chipped underneath and so as the harp. I was kind of hesitant because of the minor flaws but eventually purchased it for only $3.99.
I was pretty convinced that this 10 inch angel has potential and would be a perfect addition to my angel collection. So I cleaned, washed and dried it for at least an hour. Then revamped it with three coatings of gloss acrylic paint. I loved how it turned out. Now she looks immaculate and angelic. Not too shabby!