The Best Ways to Accessorize Your Fireplace

You may only use your fireplace in the cold inter months, but it can be a design statement all year round. From Chic antique fireplace accessories to fun mantel decorations, your fireplace can become a stylish focal point of your living room. Keep reading for great tips on how to beautify your fireplace.

1. Mantel Decorations
There are many ways to add style to a mantel, from artwork to framed photographs. If you want to infuse the room with eclectic style, purchase artwork in varied sizes from a local vintage store or consignment shop. Arrange the pieces so that they overlap, and mix and match paintings with framed photographs. This will give the mantel a fun, funky vibe perfect for stylish homes.

If you're looking for something a little more traditional, consider anchoring the mantel with a large vase filled with flowers. Surround the vase with candelabras and other decorative items. Hang a mirror on the wall behind the vase to open up the space.

For book lovers, mantel pieces can be used as makeshift bookcases, proudly displaying some of your favorite titles. Start by gathering a few of your most aesthetically pleasing books. Arrange them on the mantel, and use decorative book ends to stabilize them. This decorative choice has a lot of bookish charm.

2. Fireplace Accessories
Once you've arranged your mantel to your liking, it's time to consider fireplace accessories. These necessary items can be style statements if chosen well. For people who love the classic aesthetic, choose a fireplace screen with beautiful scroll work. A beautiful wood rack may be a space saving necessity, but it can also add rustic charm to the fireplace area.

If you're aiming for the traditional fireplace aesthetic, you can even find antique accessories. An antique poker or tongs is the perfect accessory to a snowy winter evening made warm by a freshly lit fire.

Whether you have eclectic taste or want to create the classic fireplace tableau, there are fireplace accessories perfect for you. With a little creativity and a few carefully chosen purchases, you can decorate your fireplace to suit your personal tastes.