Learn About Types of Horse Insurance

Among the many creatures walking the earth, horses are undoubtably among the most beautiful and majestic. Their power and grace have inspired artists for centuries, and their speed and agility has made them the stars of some of the most exciting and stirring sports competitions ever witnessed. Humans have long had a strong bond with these amazing animals, and today people use horses for sport, competition and for the pure love and enjoyment of being with the animals. All of this is why it’s so important for horse owners to carry solid equine insurance coverage.

Types of Horse Insurance
There are many types of equine insurance available. These include horse mortality insurance (horse life insurance), medical insurance, and loss of use insurance. Liability insurance is also available for professionals who work with horses regularly, and who risk exposure from lawsuits should someone become injured when a horse loses control. Horse owners who work with a reputable equine insurance company will find the cost of coverage is affordable, and an absolute necessity, as the cost of treating a sick or injured horse can be astronomical without insurance in place.

Medical Insurance
There are many types of insurance policies to choose from when deciding to cover a horse. One option is full mortality coverage, which covers a range of issues related to a horse’s well-being. A surgical “endorsement” can also be added on as part of a horse’s coverage. This extra coverage ensures that a horse can be treated (and the costs covered) if a surgical procedure is needed due to illness or injury. A major medical endorsement is another extra that covers many areas of medical treatment. Both of these add-ons to a full mortality coverage package will ensure that an owner is covered for a range of expensive treatments, should they be necessary.

Horses have a strong bond with their owners, and they serve humans with love and loyalty. While treating a horse for illness can be expensive, taking care to have the animal fully insured is a commitment to the animal that is well worth taking.