4 Crafts You Can Make From Your Yard

It’s time to get the yard cleaned up before winter hits. But instead of throwing away all the fallen leaves and pinecones, save them for some fun crafts. Yard cleanup has never been so fun! Check out these fun crafts that a yard services company has put together just for you.

Pinecone Crafts
There are endless possibilities for the crafts and projects you can make with pinecones, just look at Pinterest! One that we really like, that is extremely simple, is this candle holder. Add a little rustic charm to your home by placing pinecones in a vase with a candle. All you need is a wide cylinder candle, a glass jar or vase, and your pinecones. The pinecones come straight from your yard and the vase and candle can be purchased from the dollar tree or home store.


Rock Crafts
Rocks are so fun for craft projects. Clean up those little rocks out of your yard to prevent dead spots in your grass over the winter and use them for some fun projects. If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids, you can paint the rocks. Have them help you clear the yard of rocks and then pull out the paints and sit down together to paint your rocks. If your town has a painted rock program, you can even go out with your family to hide the rocks for others to find.


Leaf Crafts
Leaves are another pesky item to pick up in the yard, but you can make many beautiful projects with them. After raking up your leaves, pick out some really good ones for a wreath or art project. You can even take the piles of leaves and stuff them into orange pumpkin bags or for a scarecrow stuffing for yard decorations.


Branch Crafts
You can use fallen branches for an array of beautiful projects. One that we like is this tree art sculpture that was made from fallen branches that you could find in your yard right now. You can stick them into a cement base and place it in a cute pot or find a standing floor vase to place them in.