5 Last-Minute Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is coming up, are you ready? Whether you plan to decorate now, or the night before your guests arrive, we have some great ideas for quick and easy last-minute Thanksgiving decorations that are sure to please everyone.
1. Vinyl Decals
Pick up some vinyl decals at your local craft store, or order online before it’s too late. They are simple to place on anything that you want to decorate your home with. You can even pick them up already pasted to a cute wooden sign. You can never go wrong with vinyl lettering from Thoughts In Vinyl.
2. Centerpieces
Maybe you want a beautiful centerpiece for your dinner table that all of your guests can admire. Try using some natural things like pumpkins or wheat that give off Thanksgiving vibes and bring beauty to your home. There are some great simple centerpieces that you can try at Room for Improvements.  
3. Chocolates
You can never go wrong with edible decorations. Pick up a bag of Hershey’s or Dove chocolates in fall colored wrappers and place them in a decorative bowl or vase. Or get more creative with it and create a work of art like this cute little chocolate turkey from Inside BruCrew Life.
4. Thanksgiving Menu
An easy last-minute Thanksgiving decoration is putting your menu on display for your guests to see. Use a whiteboard or an easel to let people know what food is available to them. Or you can try this simple menu from Martha Stewart.  
5. Jars, Vases and Bowls
Use a glass jar, vase, or bowl, and put pumpkins, pinecones, or candles in them. You can also add fall-colored marbles to fill them with, and tie a colorful ribbon around the outside of a vase. Here’s a simple example of this type of decoration from First for Women.