Enclosed Screen Room Additions And Their Benefits

If you live anywhere in the deep south, then you're familiar with the need to have somewhere on your property a screened porch, patio, or sun-room. Screen enclosures in Jacksonville, Fla. are especially useful to keep all of the infamous sub-tropical Florida critters out from entering your home.

Some Screen Porch Ideas
Screen Porch Windows are great ways to add three season additions to your home in Florida, or anywhere else really. Being so easy to install, all you truly need is an open space such as a deck or any open space, a DIY mindset and/or you can always hire the services of a professional contractor.

Elegance is achieved by using outdoor curtains or outdoor drapes and letting the curtains flap with every breeze. A sip of lemon ice tea on a summer afternoon or hot cocoa on a wintry evening will complete the ambiance.
Use the screen installations to make a perfect setting for a vinyl awning without the need for a permanent roofing job with licenses or permits to pull. You'll enjoy the flexibility of using the screen area no matter which season you're in.

Reasons To Install Screen Enclosed Additions
~ There are much less expensive than installing glass panels.
~ You can easily expand your live-in area.
~ They make the perfect garden room or nursery.
~ A screened enclosure can give your home, or business area, an increase in value when selling time comes.
~ Porch windows especially easily interact and integrate with the rest of your home setting.
~ While not being hurricane proof, as almost anything else, they can withstand large gusts of wind, pollen contamination, dust and as is obvious, creepy crawlers.
~ Keep your pets and kids safely within the confines of your home.
~ When dealing with a four-panel porch window, you'll have up to 75 percent more ventilation that when dealing with two-panel glass windows that only give 50 percent ventilation.
~ Porch screen windows can be ordered to your needed size specification--up to 54 inches wide by 113 inches tall.
~ Installation can be easily done on a DIY basis, whereas glass window installation must be done by a professional. If going on a DIY basis, then all you need is to follow some instructions and have some easy tools which you already probably have on hand.
~ You're going to save money as enclosed screen installations for an entire room can be inexpensive at $2,500 as compared to $7,500 for a professional job depending on the quality of the materials used.

Be sure to visit the online website of your local screen porch provider or home improvement store today for more information.