Signs it's Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Depending on where you live, you may or may not need to have your air conditioner on more often than not. However, you still need to have a functional air conditioner in your home in this day and age, which means knowing when you should start looking for a company that offers AC repair Williamsburg VA. Here are a few signs that will tell you it's time to have your air conditioner repaired.
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Higher Utility Bills
One good way to know whether or not your air conditioner is working as well as it should is to take a look at your utility bills. If you notice that they've been higher than normal, it could be because your air conditioner isn't working as efficiently as it should. An old air conditioner that is nearing the end of its life or an AC unit that needs some maintenance will have to work harder to keep your home at a cool and comfortable temperature.

Your Home Isn't As Cool As It Should Be
You might also notice that your home doesn't cool off as quickly as it once did if your AC needs some repair. While an air conditioner won't immediately cool off your home when it's turned on, any delay that wasn't there before is a sign that there is something wrong.

You Notice a Strange Smell Coming from Your Air Conditioner
You might notice a burning smell coming from your air conditioner when you first turn it on. Needless to say, this isn't normal. It means that you either have dirty ducts or some other problem with your air conditioner that needs to be addressed.

You Hear Strange Sounds When You Turn On Your Air Conditioner
Ideally, your air conditioner should be almost silent when it is on. Yes, you might be able to hear a whoosh when it is first switched on, but that should be about it. If you hear rattling, grinding, or whistling coming from your air conditioner, you will need to contact an AC repair technician to take a look at it.

Your Air Conditioner is Over 10 Years Old
An HVAC system can last for about 20 years as long as it is well maintained, but it will start showing its age after about 10 years. A 10 year-old AC might work just fine, but if you notice some of the other signs in an old unit, you should consider getting it repaired or replaced.