Winter Landscaping Ideas for Next Year

Winter gets pretty drab for a lot of us, whether we are surrounded by a white sheet of snow until March or the rain doesn’t give up, it can feel pretty bleak. And usually, our yards don’t see a lot of attention because of this. In fact, for many of us, we don’t even see our yards again until the snow melts. So, now is the time to take a good look at our yards to see what they are missing. Our friends at Yard Butler, a landscaping and weed control company, have put together this list of things to add to your yard over the next year to brighten it up next winter.

1. Evergreens
Do you have a large property that looks like a barren wasteland in the winter? Take a good look at it and see where some evergreens could fit in. Maybe you already have trees, but they are bare and sad in the winter. You could add in evergreens next to these to make your yard have more life next winter.
2. Focal Points
Does it just feel like something is missing? Is there a spot in your yard where you could place a unique focal point that will take away from the dreariness of winter? Maybe you could add in an arch over your walkway, a bench in front of a window, or a large boulder. Think of things of items that you could add for a nice focal point in your yard that will improve this winter look.
White bench in a garden in front of yellow tulip beds in a park

3. Perennials
Plan to add some all season perennials to your yard. Then next winter you can have some lovely plants and flowers to liven up the exterior of your home. Even if the flowers aren’t in bloom in the winter, some perennials have evergreen foliage and will still add some life to your yard.

4. Berries
Many trees and shrubs have berries that will add color to your yard in the winter. How perfect would it be to have bushes with red berries next Christmas? Holly and crabapple trees are both great options for your winter landscape if you want to add these little pops of color.
Clusters of holly berries and leaves on a tree
Now all you have to do is make a plan and execute it. With the new year coming up, it is the perfect time to make some new goals for your landscape.