Front Porch Views

There's nothing like sitting on your porch to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the sounds of nature. If you haven't decided on an idea for your oasis outside, consult with a porch construction Chicago IL contractor who can offer a few ideas about what might work with for the family and designs that might work the best with the layout of your home.
Homes that are made of large stones or wood often work well with a porch that has a rustic design. Start with a wood floor and walls that are made of the same material of the home. if you're not enclosing the porch, then install a stone fireplace with a few lamps on the porch as well. A cover on the roof gives a charming look as it keeps the area dim so that you can utilize the light from the fire instead. Furniture can include chairs or a couch made of wood and overstuffed cushions that are a neutral color.

If you plan on entertaining or you like having friends and family over, then create a porch that is designed for entertaining. Your porch should extend from one side of the home to the other or even wrap around the side of the house. Connect the porch to the interior of the home with French or sliding doors so that there is a nice flow from one area to the other. A porch for entertaining would include a dining area with a grill or a beverage bar as well as a separate area for relaxing and chatting with each other.

Living near the ocean almost requires that you have a front porch so that you can listen to the waves and feel the ocean breeze at any time. Create a relaxing environment with large white rocking chairs on a gray or dark wooden porch. Adirondack chairs and a coffee table or side table to match would also blend well with the beach theme. Paint the rails of the porch white to bring the beach atmosphere to your home along with a few seashell wind chimes or small plants at the corners of the porch.