Personalize Your Décor with Tile

Your home should be a reflection of your personality. You can showcase your personality or passion for unique decorating ideas using tile. There’s almost a limitless number of ways you can include tile in your home décor.
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Using Tile to Enhance a Focal Point
A fireplace is typically the focal point in a living room. You can make that focal point more impressive by framing the fireplace with decorative tile. A uniquely-shaped window can become an eye-catching focal point when you add decorative tile to create a frame for the window.

Creating a Focal Point with Tile
You can use decorative ceramic wall tile to create an impressive mural in any room. A mural in the living room could become the focal point of the room. With a mural as the focal point, you can select decorative accessories that enhance or complement the mural. A tile wall mural in the bedroom can set the mood for the room. A tile mural is an excellent way to add an artistic element to the bathroom décor. A stunning mural in the kitchen could relate to your favorite cuisine, a vineyard you’d love to visit or could be a collage of colorful fruits and vegetables.

Step Risers
Decorative tile used on step risers is an excellent way to transform an area that might go unnoticed into an impressive part of your décor. A stairway becomes a work of art when tiles are used on the step risers. You can select tile that makes your stairway look elegant and sophisticated or flamboyant and exciting.

You can create an eye-catching backsplash with tile. Working with tile manufacturing designers you can create a backsplash that is an impressive work of art. You can include tile in various other areas of your kitchen to continue the color scheme and design theme of your backsplash.

Personalizing a Special Space
You can use tile to create a wall mural for a reading area, breakfast nook, kid’s room, teen’s room, laundry room or home office. That would be an ideal way to make the space uniquely personalized.

Tile is a versatile product that you can use in many ways when decorating your home. Have some fun with color, pattern and texture when adding tile to your home.