5 Ways to Make Your College Apartment Feel Like Home

It will literally be your home away from home, might as well make it actually feel that way
Moving into your first college apartment can be both exciting and overwhelming for a couple reasons.
For starters, it’s probably your first time actually living in a place outside of your home, and probably your first experience living with multiple people. Some of them are probably complete strangers too.  
Luckily at most colleges, many of the apartments are really nice and offer fun and comfortable places to live.
But how do you make your student housing feel like home?
Here are five ways to make your college apartment feel a little homier, and make it the place you always want to be.
1. Bring home with you
One of the first ways to make your BYU-I student housing feel like home is to bring some or one of your favorite parts of your home or hometown into your apartment.
Maybe it's a painting of where you grew up or some blankets and pillows from home. But adding these little items can actually bring that home feeling to your apartment.
2. Pictures
Nothing brings home more than actual pictures of home, plus this can be a cute decorating element.
Ask your roommates if it would be ok to hang some pictures of your home around the apartment, especially if they are beautiful landscapes or some cool posters.
If they aren’t too keen on it, then just decorate your room and personal space with it instead.
3. Get the kitchen set up
Nothing brings the home feeling like some good home-cooked food, so get your kitchen stocked with cooking essentials and the ingredients to make your favorite meals.
This is also a great way to get to know your roommates a little better because you can have a roommate dinner and ask them all to participate. After all, nothing brings people together more than yummy food.
4. Have a cozy space
Whether it’s big or small, creating a cozy and inviting space in your apartment is a great way to feel at home.
Add a basket full of warm and fuzzy blankets along with a chair or large cushion to get cozy on. Add some nice mood lighting as well.
Not only will it look cute, but it will be a nice place to have when you are feeling a little home-sick or during those colder winter months.
5. Add some green friends
This will especially help you feel like home if you are from somewhere warm and green, but a way to add a touch of that in your apartment space in a cute and fun way is to bring in some plants.
Find some easy-to-maintain plants and put them around your apartment.

If you think you will be too busy with work and school to actually maintain a living thing outside yourself, then some cute fake plants are a great option and bring the same effect without the commitment.