7 Ways to Give your Front Yard a Face-Lift this Spring

Because nothing welcomes spring like a spiffy looking yard.
Winter is nearing its end (although it may not feel like it) and spring is fast approaching, meaning pretty soon your front yard will be front and center.
The snow and dry air of winter isn’t very forgiving, and it’s likely your yard will need a touch up or two, especially when it comes to weed control.
Making your yard glance-worthy doesn’t need to be an expensive or a tedious task, it can be done on a budget and with little time.
Here are six easy ways to give your yard a face-lift this spring.
1. Weed control
Nothing dampens the aesthetic of a front yard like overgrown and out of control weeds.
One of the easiest ways to make your yard looks fresh and clean is to get rid of those pesky, unwanted plants and make sure they stay away.
There are many weed control services, as well as sprays and natural remedies for keeping weeds away.
2. Show off some new plants
Planting new plants is a great way to spruce up your yard and highlight the great areas of your yard.
Pick out some new flowers or some fresh-looking plants.
Changing up the plants in your yard will not only look great, but it will be a good way to get outside and enjoy the new, warmer weather.
3. Spread some mulch
Mulch has many benefits, and more than just making your yard look good.
Mulch is a great way to keep weeds under control, as well as protect plants and their roots from being over-exposed to sunlight.
Mulch’s color is also very beneficial in making the colors of plants and flowers stand out, likely catching the eye of all who pass by.
4. Wash your house
Planting new plants, weed control, and mulch can only do so much for your yard if your house is still looking drab.
A great way to draw attention to your yard, as well as helping the curb appeal of your home, is to give your house a great power wash.
There are many companies that offer this service, or you can make an investment and buy one for yourself. It’s not too hard to find one for about $100, and the benefit is you will be able to use it every time your house needs a good deep clean.
5. Add a place to sit
What’s the good of a beautiful yard if there is no place to sit and enjoy it?
Adding a bench, swing, or other place to sit not only looks nice, but it can be the way to make sure you get outside and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
6. Keep plants tidy and trimmed
Another thing that’s worth the time and effort when it comes to your yard is making sure to keep all plants, grass, trees, and bushes trimmed and tidy.
Not only will your yard look professional and beautiful, but your neighbors will also appreciate not having to worry about any of your plants hanging in their yard.
7. Add some stone
A very classy addition to any front yard is some stone, whether it’s around some of the plants, used as a base for some, or as a path or walkway.
It’s another great way to add some dimension to your yard as well as helping to create a focal point for the parts of the yard that you really want to stand out.