Home Decorating with Children In Mind

Finding the perfect decor for one's home is not only satisfying, it is exhilarating. However, many pieces might be fragile, heavy, or downright hazardous for smaller children. There are a few ways around these problems without having to sacrifice the beautiful decor concepts that the parent has in mind.
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Choosing Shatterproof or Plastic Items 
Fragile decor can be easily broken by children in many different ways. They might play with the items and drop them or accidentally hit them with a toy or ball, for example. By choosing decor that will not shatter or break like glass, the items will be far more likely to survive any harsh treatment. Children will also be far more safe with shatterproof decor, as broken glass can easily cut little hands and feet.

Anchoring Decor Out of Arm's Reach 
For large or heavy items, anchoring them out of the reach of children is a great way to stay safe. Anchors are commonly attached to items in the back, with the opposite end being anchored to a shelf or wall. Anchors are generally hidden as well as possible. In some instances, this might not be possible. Home decor stores Oregon can point you in the direction of furniture and decor anchors that will help to protect the children from falling items.

Opting for Inexpensive Decor 
Since children are rather rambunctious at times, even the most cautious decorators may encounter an accident with their decorations. Seeing an expensive piece in an irreparable state can be very upsetting, especially if it is the central focus of a room. By opting for inexpensive options, the decor can easily be replaced without feeling a sense of despair. Duplicates of inexpensive items could be purchased as spares just in case!

Decorating can seem like a challenge when children are living in the home. However, there are many ways to ensure that the home is beautiful while keeping a safe living area for the kids. Children are playful and spunky at heart, and many decor manufacturers keep young family members in mind.