Before You Go To The Furniture Store

Before heading out to a furniture store to get new pieces for your home, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind so that you get the best material for your home, the correct size for the rooms, and the design of furniture that works well inside your house. Most Phoenix area furniture stores will let you sit on the furniture that they have so that you can see whether it's comfortable or not before making a purchase.
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Measure the inside of the room where the new furniture will go before making a trip to the store. You should also measure the doorways so that you don't get something that won't fit inside the home. Blue tape is sometimes the best way to measure because you can take the tape with you after getting the dimensions instead of writing measurements on a piece of paper.

Even though you might want your furniture to be cohesive in the way that it looks, consider getting larger pieces that are in the same color family instead of the exact same color. When everything in the room is the same color, it can sometimes be overwhelming and take away from the personality that you're trying to establish. Get a few sample material swatches from the furniture store to take home to see what would look best in each room of your house.

Examine the type of material so that you get something that is easy to keep clean and that doesn't show stains, especially if you have children or pets. Don't get furniture that is too big for the room or that isn't on the same scale as the rest of the decorations because it can be overwhelming. Wait until the furniture store has a sale. You can sometimes get free items with your purchase, such as a free box spring with a mattress or a free lamp with a couch and chair.