Improving Your Curb Appeal

From adding a new roof to planting fruit trees, improving your property's exterior involves hundreds of different ideas. Your yard or landscape should be at the top of your to-do list, however. Visitors who might potentially buy your home will begin to judge the property from the moment that they step foot on the sidewalk. Explore these curb-appeal ideas so that your property value can soar higher than ever.
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Trim and Plant Across the Landscape
Start your exterior project by cleaning up the yard. Trim the trees, prune the bushes and mow the lawn. Consider a few accent features besides these obvious plants too. Containers filled with flowers are inexpensive and simple additions to the yard. Add them alongside the walkways or on the front porch. The color addition makes the yard look inviting without putting too much effort into the landscape. There's no need to dig out a new garden with this strategy.

Consider a Contoured Shape
In contrast, you may want to change the entire look of your front yard. Create a contoured effect by hiring a grading contractor in Charlotte NC. These professionals can cut and fill the yard with the help of landscaping schematics. Create a slight hill in the yard so that the property looks like it's cut into the hillside. A well-designed yard can make the entire house look more alluring to buyers.

Be Bold at the Front Door
If you prefer simplicity for your exterior improvements, look to the front door. Paint it a bold color, such as red, so that it stands out from the rest of the house. The front door is one of the only areas where a bold color is considered appropriate. It focuses visitors' eyes on the entryway instead of other areas that may not be updated yet. By controlling the visitors' perceptions, your home looks more valuable by the minute.

With your exterior fixed up, continue your decor improvements on the inside of the property. A fresh coat of paint and new rugs can be perfect additions to a home that's going on the market.