Give Your Laundry Room a Homey Makeover

The laundry room can be a dull and dreary space. Unfortunately, it is a room that you find yourself spending plenty of time in. Make the household chore of doing laundry a little more cheerful by giving this space a much-needed makeover. Use the following information to help get you started.
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Uplift the Walls and Floors
The first step in your laundry room transformation is to take care of the walls and floors. Fill in all nail holes and cracks found on the walls. Next, pick out a bright and cheerful color to paint them. Many times the laundry room is in the basement or an extension of the garage. Consider light pastel colors to make these areas less dreary. Use epoxy floor coating to protect the cement floors and make them look more attractive.

Add Storage Solutions
Just like any other workspace, the laundry room needs storage for supplies. Cabinetry and shelves provide the perfect place to put laundry soap, starches, dryer sheets, and other necessities. Countertops or tables will serve as the perfect place for folding clothes. If room permits, incorporate hooks and bars for hanging garments. Over the door ironing boards can also be a useful feature.

Use Home Decor
You wouldn't consider any other room complete without the home decor, so why wouldn't you add decorative touches to the laundry room as well? Look for wall art that uses colors that match the walls and flooring. Windows need curtains or shades that blend nicely with other window treatments within the home, and area rugs trap dirt, offer a soft cushion to stand on, and give you another way to add a pop of color to the space.

Once the walls and floors are improved, storage space is added, and home decor pieces make this room feel welcoming, you won't mind spending so much time in there. Bright colors and an organized workspace can actually make doing the laundry a cheerful experience.