Practical Ways to Enhance Security Around a Security Door

A security door is constructed out of tough, industrial-grade material, so it can keep intruders out of a home. However, a strong defense is the best strategy, which means that you should build a solid perimeter so that intruders won't be able to step on your property.

Train a Guard Dog
A guard dog can protect your yard by driving potential intruders away during the day and night. These dogs are always focus and driven, so they will chase people who use invasion tactics to access a home.
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Although there are many dogs that can protect a property, only a few breeds have the instinct for this job. The best breeds that can efficiently guard a residential area are
- Neapolitan Mastiffs
- German Shepherds
- Doberman Pinschers
Install a Fence
A security fence can block access to your yard. However, because most fences have different characteristics, certain types will provide better results in specific areas. For example, in neighborhoods where there is a lot of crime, a very tall, heavy-duty fence can provide practical results. In communities that have low crime, a standard steel fence is a suitable option for a yard.
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Mount Motion Sensor Lights Around the Property
If someone jumps a fence while a guard dog is sleeping at night, motion sensor lights can drive the intruder away. When installing motion sensor lights, mount one light where the dog sleeps so that the beams will wake up the animal after someone trips the sensor.
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When scouting lights, always consider each product's wattage. The brightest lights can deter crime by waking up your guard dog and family.

A dedicated guard dog, a security fence, and motion sensor lights make up a practical residential security defensive system. When a property has this setup, intruders won't have easy opportunities to reach security doors in Denver CO.