Asphalt Removal: Hire a Contractor, or Dig in and DIY?

When you're planning a big change around the house, it can be tempting to take things on yourself. Similarly, many businesses adopt a DIY attitude in situations where they can save money by folding the duties into a regular worker's task schedule. There are always examples of operations that are better off left to professionals, though it can be hard to tell what your best course of action is at first. When it comes to asphalt removal Oakland CA, there are good reasons for both residential customers and businesses to leave things to the pros.

Cost Efficiency
Removing asphalt without the right equipment can take a long time, and chances are unless you're in the business of paving and laying asphalt, you won't have the right equipment on hand. Even if you rent it, you've got to contend with the learning curve and you're incurring rental fees, so it can be easy to blow any savings you might have enjoyed. By contrast, asphalt removal by a professional is usually both fast and cost-effective. Residential estimates for standard driveway sizes tend to be done in a single afternoon, and the time scales for larger surfaces like parking lots can be shrunk with larger crews and more equipment if you hire the right professionals.

Risk Reduction
Doing a big project like asphalt removal yourself means incurring risks because you're going to be dealing with heavy tools in a high impact environment, but that's not the only reason. Asphalt can be an irritant in close quarters, and approaching removal without the experience to know when and how to apply personal protective equipment just increases your risk more. Why not save time and money while letting the professionals handle it? After all, they're the ones with the experience to know exactly which risks are worthwhile and which ones are just careless. While asphalt's dangers are small compared to more volatile substances, there's just no reason for anyone to take extra risks that can come from airborne dust freeing up those irritants.