3 Potential House Problems From Storm Damage

Rain, thunder and lightning can be exciting to watch. However, powerful winds and heavy rain can also be potentially dangerous to your home. Although your house can handle a lot of stress from weather, there are some factors that make your home vulnerable during strong storms. Here are three things that can be affected during a heavy rainstorm.
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Trees and Branches
If you have a few trees in the yard, their branches can become flying battering rams in the wind. Before a storm sets in, try to keep your yard free from any fallen branches. Be sure to remove loose or low hanging branches, too.

Although they are small and easily forgotten, gutters are your biggest defense against water damage. The gutters lead the falling water away from the house, which keeps water from soaking into your roof and through your walls. However, if rocks and debris clog the gutters, they can’t do their job properly. Consider installing a protection system for your rain gutters Shoreline.

Broken Shingles
Some storms have high wind speeds. With this kind of weather, roof shingles can fly off, slip or break. If this happens, your roof is more vulnerable to water damage. Always inspect your home after a storm. If you see missing shingles, try to replace or repair them as quickly as possible.

Next time a big storm comes in, make sure to check these three areas of your home. Don’t forget to pack up outside furniture, secure garbage cans and keep your family safe.

Weather can’t be controlled, but you can take precautions and fix the damage quickly to avoid bigger problems or necessary renovations. If you do find damage, check to see if it is rain, wind or hail damage and contact the right professionals. As you do your best to prevent problems and clean up ones that occur, you can maintain and protect your home.