How To Care for Your Carpet

As a floor covering, carpet offers many advantages. It is soft to the touch and can provide traction to prevent slipping. It helps to insulate the floor and provide a measure of sound-proofing. However, a carpet does require maintenance on a regular basis. Here are some tips to help you care for your carpet.
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1. Don't Track in Dirt
You can make carpet maintenance much easier without compounding the problem by tracking in mud and dirt. It is easy and inexpensive to invest in a doormat at your front door. If possible, you can also enter the house through an uncarpeted area, such as a garage or mudroom. If all else fails, you can simply remove your muddy shoes at the door.

2. Treat Any Stains Quickly
One of the most important carpet spot cleaning techniques Portland is treating and cleaning up any stains as quickly as possible. This prevents them from soaking down through the fibers into the backing and carpet pad. This not only helps keep your carpet looking nice but smelling fresh as well.

3. Vacuum Correctly
Vacuuming is important to preserving your carpet, but doing so incorrectly is almost as bad as not vacuuming at all. Your vacuum's cleaning power is reduced by a full bag or a dirty filter. Change the former when it is three-quarters full and the latter every three months. When you vacuum, try to go slowly, and pay more attention to high-traffic areas than to low-traffic areas. You may also need to vacuum the former more often than the latter. At the very least, you should vacuum on a weekly basis, but high-traffic areas may require it more frequently

4. Follow Care Instructions
Manufacturers of a carpet or rug may offer specific care instructions intended to preserve them and extend their useful life. You should try to follow these to the extent possible.