Decorative Sconces

These decorative sconces feature an antiqued bronze metal base that adds artistic flair to the room. I can't wait to hang them up. I'm not sure where to place them yet.


Rovie Aguis said...

The color is very elegant Mommy. I'm sure bisag asa ni ibutang mo bagay jud sa imong mansion. :)

Leah H. said...

They will look perfect mommy kung sa bedroom's door. Nice ang design!

Thank's for joining, bpc!

emzkie said...

love its design mommy dhemz. very pretty! u can put it at the side of the mantel. or maybe sa door or sa windows.. or next to last supper picture kung naa mo. =D

Rcel said...

where did you place these dhemz? I reckoned these are the expensive type so di ni gikan sa dollar tree no? lol. aguy, on decorating mode man kaayo ka diha oi!

bpc hop!