Must-Have Interior Accessories for Spring

Are you looking to revamp your flat to reflect the coming of spring? Refine and reform your home today with these trending interior accessories that reflect the change of seasons.

Sticker Stencils
Your parents had their bad wallpaper. Then there was a decade in between where gluing anything to the walls seemed positively preposterous. Today, trends have embraced wall stickers, beautifully artistic sticker stencils of graphic silhouettes to reflect the themes of each room. Choose from hundreds of beautiful words and motivational phrases to to adorn your walls. Colors and sizes abound. Create a nature scene with the breathtaking silhouette of a weeping willow tree. Visit to view the myriad of choices on the market.

Elevating the Masculine
Interior design used to be the domain of the feminine. Blokes would joke that when his lady was decorating, it was time to go out for a cold one with the guys. Gone are the days of the nauseatingly cute. Gone are the days where the inside of the home reflects only the woman in residence. This spring, ask him what he'd like in his home. Do not banish him to his man cave. Today's trends reflect equality of both the masculine and the feminine. For it to continue to happen in the work place, it must conversely happen in the home. Visit to purchase masculine chic accessories

Whether you literally do-it-yourself or invest in the style motif, interiors are trending toward pieces that reflect a knack for home projects. This means re-upholstering chairs to give them a fresh look, repainting the furniture, creating useable gadgets out of trash or throwing ceramic dishes on the wheel during pottery class. Whether made by your hands or others, handmade is most definitely in. Check out to purchase hand thrown pottery pieces.

Crocheted and Knitted Pieces
Along with the homemade trend, anything of yarn lends a very personalized touch to your home. Crocheted and knitted pieces can take the form of table clothes, drapes, plush figurines, throw blankets and more. Find ideas at:

Stripes Galore
Ever the timeless classic and yet always evolving, stripes are here to stay. Adopting striped interior accessories is a way to expand a color palette in the most straight forward of ways. Give a solid-colored couch a boost with striped pillows of the most awesome sort:

Animal Prints
Embrace the wild woman or man in you! Grabbing inspiration from the coats of various wild animals, choose faux animal prints this spring at Zebras, tigers, leopards, cheetahs-oh my!

Living Walls and Rooftops
Plants purify the air and fill it with oxygen. Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. In this age of sustainability and environmental awareness, honor the flora by growing it on your walls and roofs:

Florals on White
In the manner that pastels will fill your closet, breath life into your home with florals on whites:

Natural Latex Mattresses
Regular coil spring and memory foam mattresses are becoming increasingly known as toxic non-necessities. Both have been sprayed with chemicals to make them flame retardant. They may be the source of your allergies or poor night's sleep. A natural latex mattress contains no chemicals, is covered in wool for legally required flame retardancy and offers the healthiest sleeping environment possible:

House Plants for Healing
Growing aloe vera at home provides an endless supply of skin soothing sun protectant. Grow your own basil and other cooking herbs in a window box. Place plants around the sunny areas of your home in beautiful, colorful ceramic glazed pots. Adopt them secondhand from

Mark Osborne runs Country Hardwood - a team of skilled craftsmen who specialise in Hardwood Orangeries.


riz said...

great tips here. i have this very odd wall that i have been meaning to shield with decor. i try looking for decals in the home depot, i was lost in vain.somebody suggested stencils..i'm not sure.
gone are the feminine touches. i agree. in decorating we have to value the taste of the guys in the house, too. the reason why i chose neither pink or blue when we had the house repainted.
hugs to u, dhemz. always take care.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Useful tips here sis..

Unknown said...

Love it xx

very informative article and I love the design’s, bookmarking your website as we speak lol xx