WordPress Installation The Easy Guide For Beginners

For every start up company, it is extremely essential to select a prompt and useful content management system that makes the task of publishing easy and simple. When it comes to online publishing systems, there is a wide variety to choose from. However, if you are looking for simplicity and aiming to run a blog which can allow you to make money, you should go for WordPress.
Choosing WordPress over other content management systems has a lot of benefits. First of all, setting up wordpress for the first time is very easy and users that might be beginners might find it extremely easy as to how they can set up WordPress and use it.. Additionally, WordPress is free of charge which makes it a tremendous choice for small business as well as start ups. WordPress offers several pre customized designs that one can choose from. This means that users will not have to pay additional money to designers to set up a theme for their site. On the other hand, WordPress also offers an abundance of free plugins that further enhance the ease of mode of the content management system and adds to its overall functionality.

WordPress is very popular and very well supported too, as it is the top choice amongst most start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs of all sorts. With WordPress being well supported, one can find many free tutorials online to help them with managing their site and understand the content management system in a better way.

As the world of internet technology is advancing rapidly, entrepreneurs are always looking out for new developments. Once your WordPress blog grows into a full fledged site, your customers will start demanding a mobile version of the site so that your site becomes accessible on the go. The use of mobile devices has increased by large over the years, which is an indication of a large chunk of global population shifting to mobile devices and replacing them with personal computers for internet use.

Since we understand the importance of this newly emerging trend, we have shortlisted a bunch of easy to use tools to form mobile websites.

Mippin Mobilizer
If time is a concern, Mippin Mobilizer should be your choice of tool. This particular software is extremely easy to use as all that needs to be done by the user is to enter their RSS feed URL (of their site), make some changes to the settings, register for an account and manually install a few codes on their site. Moreover, when you set up the site, there is a live preview that displays on the right side so that you are able to track the progress of your site step by step while you are making changes to it.

For users who use plugins on their WordPress site, MobilePress is a very handy tool as by using it, you can directly set up a mobile edition of your WordPres site. MobilePress is considered a plug in; it is available free of charge and is used to create mobile themes for WordPress sites.

For iPhone or iPod touch owners, iWebKit is a very useful tool to create touch applications. Some reviewers agree that iWebKit is not as easy and simple to use as other tools that have been mentioned above; though it is a common consensus that even users who don’t have knowledge about HTML can use it. iWebKit is available free of charge.

With OnBile, you can setup a mobile site in less than five minutes. The user interface of OnBile is very easy to use and can be used by beginners to set up their mobile site. Additionally, the platform provides users with custom generated scripts that can be used in your index page so that whenever any user visits your site on their mobile device, they are automatically transferred to your mobile site. OnBile also offers thirteen customizable templates that can be used as by you as starting points for your site’s design.

In conclusion, setting up WordPress for the first time is a very simple task. In addition, setting up a mobile version of your WordPress site is also extremely easy.

Gerri Winrow is a web devoper who deals mainly with wordpress at OpenWebsiteTutorials.