Living Smart In A Not So Smart Neighborhood

Learning to live smart in a sketchy area is important. Your family and home are things you want to protect almost at all cost. There are plenty of simple things you can do to protect your livelihood and loved ones, then there are some rather expensive things. Some of these may sound like common sense others may seem as not so common, but it seems as time goes on common sense becomes less and less common.

I'll start with the simple things first and move on to the not so simple.
If you live in a sketchy area, it's simple: Don't walk alone anywhere. Sounds like common sense right? Of course we say these things and it seems like on the news every night we hear some terrible horror story about a girl who was walking home alone somewhere and something terrible happens to her. This is absolutely common sense, and I would be apt to say if you don't automatically have this instinct in you, maybe it's just the law of Natural Selection (just joking.) Don't allow your loved ones to hang out outside alone as well. It seems parents are allowing children of younger and younger ages to have liberty outside. While I'm all about trust, I'm not about unnecessary risk.

Now for the more complicated things.
Learn to defend your self. We live in an age where physical violence is looked down upon. This is a mistake. I understand there is no need for violence most of the time, however we still must be a society eager to get physical to defend our livelihood. Passivity is the biggest fault of this society. I personally took Krav Maga for a while to learn how to defend myself if the unthinkable were to happen. This is actionary. If someone where to threaten you with a knife, what would you do?
Now preventative methods.
Coupling with the common sense portion, there are some more preventative methods that may take a little more effort but will definitely be worth the investment. It's better to play it safe when it comes to loved ones than to not.

Getting a home security system for your residence is extremely important. It's a way not only to alert you but keep tabs on what happens inside your home. I lived in Ducanville, Texas for a while when I was younger. There are several home security companies in Duncanville that I saw utilized around my area. Some good friends of mine used an austin home security company that ended up alerting them and the police when someone broke in, who come to find out had a history of burglaries and he was caught that evening thanks to the system.

So there are definitely ways to protect you family and these are definitely among the smartest ones. Don't forget the common sense too.
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