Teak Wood- Best for Durable Wooden Bed, Wardrobes and Indoor Furniture

Teak wood is probably one of the more superior woods used in making indoor and outdoor furniture. It is used for constructional purposes, flooring and even ship building due to its durability. Teak wood furniture hardly changes shape and remains as it is for centuries. Thus, it is much in demand and is expensive too. Indoor furniture made by teak wood like wooden beds, wardrobes or dining tables and other furniture not only lasts long but provides an aesthetic look to your house. But before buying, it is important to know the different grades of teak wood to ensure the best quality for your money.
wooden bed
In general, teak wood is grouped into three qualities- Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. Although all the types of teak wood make great furniture, the grade A teak is most treasured of all. It is the wood located at the center of the log of a fully mature teak tree. This wood has a uniform texture with close grains and provides a glossy structure. The gloss is due to the presence of teak oil present in the bark. The shine generally takes a longer time to fade as compared to other woods. Because of its rich texture and color; it is very expensive and counts as the highest grade of teak. A wooden bed, wardrobe and other indoor furniture made from grade A teak is long lasting and strong, apart from being beautiful.

Grade B teak wood is taken from the bark outer to the center log which constitutes grade A teak. As compared to Grade A teak wood, the Grade B teak wood is slightly less shiny and has a lighter color. Moreover the grains are not as close as superior quality teak, and there is presence of some knots. Although the quality of Grade B teak wood is not as good as Grade A, it is still good for making indoor and outdoor furniture. Since the wood is not exposed to changing weather, unlike outdoor furniture, the wood takes a long time to lose its shine. And as it is less expensive, it is good for those who have a lower budget but still want to enjoy the richness of teak wood.

Another type of teak wood which is less expensive than grade B teak is the Grade C Teak wood. It is taken from the outermost part of the bark of the teak tree. It is much lighter in color than the other two superior grades and has presence of knots on its surface. Grade C teak wood is generally not as good for making indoor furniture like wooden beds, wardrobes and tables, as it has a tendency to split in short duration of time. Also it is prone to damage, making it down in the list. Although a lower cost attracts some people to make Grade C teak wood furniture for their home. Also, it is more eco-friendly as there is no wastage of wood in making anything.

The different grades decide the price and quality of the wood used in making furniture. You may enjoy the benefits of teak wood at lost cost by investing in grade C teak wood, though be prepared to spend extra, if you want additional benefits of superior grade A and B teak wood.

Cheryl Lim works at Scanteak - a renowned brand that sells beautifully designed and lasting teak furniture in Singapore and around the world.  At Scanteak, we pride ourselves on 39 years of crafting Teak, a prized tropical hardwood, into furniture of timeless, classic designs. Our Scandinavian ideology maintains that furniture should complement our lifestyles, so that we’ll always have time for the things that truly matter – friends, family, and feeling at home.