Hurricane Candle Holder | #DIY #DollarTree Project

I've always been fascinated with hurricane glasses. I love how versatile they are when it comes to decorating. But boy, they're pretty expensive. I have one from Uncommon goods for over $30.00, and not to mention it was not even worth the price. I'm glad I found a cheaper version on Pinterest!

Gather these materials from your local Dollar Tree store: 2 candles, 2 hurricane vases and 2 glass candlesticks.

You really need to have a very strong glue to achieve this project. To get started, you need to remove all the labels first. Second, grab candlestick. Put some glue around the top rim. Place the hurricane vase on top of it. Let it dry up to 12 hours.
Now that it's completely dry, start decorating it! I decided to add some leftover berries from my other project. I thought it looks amazing and I love how it turned out! Hey, it only cost me under $10.00 for this project.


Chubskulit Rose said...

So creative mo talaga sis, ganda!