Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up a Home

Your home is your castle or at very least, the hub of your life and the lives of those who live with you. While remodeling entirely is an expensive proposition that most people dismiss because it seems financially unattainable, there are several low-cost ways to make an old house feel new again.

Kitchens and Bathrooms
Gutting a kitchen or bathroom for renovation is not only expensive, it requires a great deal of time. Rather than completely rehabilitating either room, choose changes to make. For instance, replacing the floor tile, installing a marble countertop or changing the plumbing fixtures may be enough to make the room feel new again without going bankrupt.
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Living Rooms, Family Rooms and Dens
The places in your home where you hang out with your kids or pets, do business or simply relax can easily be upgraded with very little money. A new sofa, installing new carpet, a fresh coat of paint or something as simple as a new piece art for the wall can recreate your comfort zones without a ton of cash.

Fixing Up the Bedrooms
Like the communal areas mentioned in the paragraph above, bedrooms are easy to redo on a strict budget. For instance, all new bedding, redoing the paint or installing a set of bookshelves can give the room flare. Regardless of what you choose to do with bedrooms, remember that such an intensely personal space deserves all of the individualization that you give it.

Basements and Attics
Attics and basements are insanely difficult to fix up if they were not finished in the first place, but it is possible. Paint the walls, install some flooring and add items that will give the space a more complete look. If all else fails, cover the walls in colorful, creative contact paper, get some throw rugs and try to use the area as planned.

Learning to Stay on Budget
Choosing to recreate your home without total renovation and financial disaster can often seem like a daunting task but it is possible. The first step to achieving the home that you've been dreaming of is to make a plan. Decide what you want to do, write a budget and stick to your goals in order to turn your existing space into that which you have hoped for since the idea of remodeling on a budget first took shape.