5 Benefits of Investing in Used Office Furniture

Your office can look like a million bucks, without having to spend a fortune on the furnishings. Buying used furniture is one way to stretch your budget further and get better quality than you might be able to get brand new. Below are five of the biggest benefits to purchasing office furniture that is pre-owned.
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Buying Used Helps the Environment
Offering a new home to used office furniture has a definite positive impact on the environment. Less raw materials and natural resources have to be used to make new furniture. Far less office furniture ends up in the landfill.

Buy Name Brands for Less
The difference in cost with brand new office furniture and used can be staggering. This is especially true if you are trying to buy more name brand items. You can often get more high-quality furniture for an equal or lesser amount than you would pay to get a few brand new pieces.

Quality Used Office Furniture Retains Value
You may have no intention of purchasing used office furniture with the intent of one day reselling the items. If anything happened that caused you to close up shop, quality office furniture will have retained more than 75 percent resale value. This makes carefully researched and well thought out purchases can prove to be a financial windfall. You can raise the worth of your total business assets in an unexpected way.

Most Items are Lightly Used or Refurbished
An office furniture outlet that specializes in high-end products will have gone over each item with a fine-tooth comb. Any flaws will have been fixed, although most items come in lightly used condition. There will be plenty of years of use left in each item. You get the nearly full benefit of top-notch furniture without the high price tag of new.

Quicker Delivery
The waiting process for new brand named office furniture can be weeks. Many items are not manufactured until the orders are there. This means having to patiently wait for your office to feel complete. The purchase of used office furniture allows you to take delivery of already available and fully assembled products right away.

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