5 Easy Christmas Decorations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And Christmas decorations only help to reiterate that and bring more joy to those around us. Decorate your home and spread the Christmas cheer to your guests this holiday season. Here’s a list of easy decoration ideas you can add to your home this Christmas.

1. Vinyl Letters
Use vinyl lettering to make some decorative Christmas signs and frames for your home. These are great for living room shelves and kitchen and bathroom counters. Thoughts in Vinyl has a wonderful array of cute vinyl letters for Christmas.
2. Wreaths
Find a gorgeous Christmas wreath to hang on your front door for the world to see. It will be the first thing your guests see before walking in the door. The great thing about wreaths is that there are endless possibilities to make your own, or you can purchase one from the abundance of holiday decorations that are out at this time of the year. And they only take seconds to hang up!
3. Christmas Cards
Have you received any Christmas cards yet? These are a great item to use in your holiday decorating. Hang them along the wall or staircase, or line them up along your shelves or fireplace mantel. The best part is, you didn’t have to buy or make them. Pick a designated location in your home for your Christmas cards and display them as a beautiful decoration.
4. Stockings
Stockings are simple, cute, and a long-time symbol of Christmas and gift giving. You will definitely feel the Christmas spirit in your home when you walk around and see stockings hung up by the fireplace or along the stairwell. They only take a few moments to hang up, and they make a wonderful gift for each member of the family on Christmas morning.
5. Edible Décor
You can’t go wrong with edible decorations. Hang up some candy canes, set out bowls of Christmas candy, or plates of holiday cookies. This is a simple way to decorate that will make everyone happy.