Five Willow Tree Figurines That Make Great Gifts

Whether you are birthday or holiday shopping, you want to find a heartfelt gift for your friend. One idea is to surprise them with an angel figurine, which is always a lovely addition to their home. You can find a variety of resin angel figurines from the brand Willow Tree. Here are five Willow Tree figurines that make great gifts for your friend.
AngelsWillow Tree SunshineWillow Tree Thinking of You

1. Willow Tree Angel of Friendship
This figurine is a lovely way to celebrate your friendship with that special someone. It features an angel holding a puppy in their arms, and it represents the love between two friends. The Angel of Friendship figurine stands at 5 inches tall.

2. Willow Tree Thinking of You
Show your friend how much you care with this beautiful figurine. The angel is holding a seashell up to their ear to show they are thinking of their friend. It is a great way to remind your friend of how much you care about them. The Thinking of You figurine measures at 5.5 inches tall.

3. Willow Tree Celebrate
Celebrate a special occasion with your friend by surprising them with this figurine. It features an angel with her hands locked in excitement, and she is ready to celebrate that special moment. It is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and milestones.

4. Willow Tree You're The Best
Show your appreciation by bestowing your friend with this gorgeous figurine. The figurine is holding an apple in their hands to show gratitude towards their friend. Give your friend this figurine to show them how much they have made a difference in your life. The You're The Best figurine stands at 5.5 inches tall.

5. Willow Tree Courage
Everyone needs a dose of courage for a college exam, new job or doctor's appointment. You can give your friend a little encouragement with this adorable figurine, which features an angel with her arms raised in victory. This beautiful gift is sure to help them get through that big moment in their life. The Courage figurine measures at 6 inches tall.

The Willow Tree resin angel figurines are perfect for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. However, you do not need a reason to show your friend how much you care about them.

You are sure to warm their heart when you surprise them with a Willow Tree resin angel figurine.