3 Patio Care Tips

Your patio is probably where you entertain guests, watch your kids play or relax. No matter how you use this space, because it is always exposed to the elements, it requires some extra care. Professionals, like those at patio covers west jordan, for example, can build a shade structure over your patio in order to protect it from excessive rain or sun exposure. Shade structures are often customized to fit your patio's measurements and your preferences. Plus, you can choose from solid, pan and lattice cover styles, among others.

Here are three more patio care tips to consider.
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Keeping your patio clean is an important care tip to follow. At the same time, it is also important to avoid over-cleaning. Power-washing, harsh chemicals and rough scrubbing tools are not recommended if you are going to be using them often. Always clean with the mildest options, first. If a stain requires something stronger, use it after it has been determined to be the best next step. Harsh cleaning products and tools, when overused, can cause more damage than necessary. Sweeping away debris with a soft bristled broom as soon as it starts to accumulate helps prevent rot, mold and stains.

If your patio consists of nails and wood planks, as soon as you notice popped-up nails or split wood, it is recommended that they are fixed. Small damages like these that go untouched for an extended period of time often lead to more severe structural issues. A patio is a space meant for leisure and enjoyment, so taking care of potential trip or slip points, is highly advised. For patios made of stone, stains and flaking can be curated by using a mild detergent and scrubbing with a non-wire tool. If the flakes and stains are stubborn, then use something stronger.

Once a year, it is recommended that furniture be rearranged. Rot and mold tends to build under surfaces that sit in one place for a long time due to moisture build-up. To prevent this, all you need to do is move these pieces to a new place. Their old spots are given time to breathe and you have the opportunity to examine all the surfaces at the same time.

A patio is exposed to the elements year-round. Shade structures as well as thoughtful cleansing, fixing and rearranging maintain its health for continued enjoyment.