10 Unique Ways to Use Vinyl Lettering

Do you have a vinyl letter maker? Or maybe you just love getting vinyl letters whenever you find a good deal on them? But what else can you put vinyl lettering on?
We’ve partnered with Thoughts in Vinyl, the pros of vinyl lettering, to bring you this sweet list of unique ways that you can use all of the vinyl lettering you have. Whether you’re giving it away as a gift or keeping it for yourself, these ideas are sure to help.
1. Phone Case
Decorate your phone case with vinyl letters! This is the perfect way to customize just for you.
2. Bathroom Mirror
Add a little more reading material to the bathroom. You can find this fun sticker from this Etsy shop.
3. Laptop Case
Customize your laptop or laptop case with some unique vinyl lettering. This is a great way to keep your laptop from getting confused with someone else’s, especially if you’re in school.
4. Window or Picture Frame
Create a beautiful piece of art for the walls in your home, or for an upcoming event. Thoughts in Vinyl has great options at their online store for vinyl letters to place in picture frames.
5. Mailbox
Do you think your mailbox is a little boring? Spruce it up with some cute vinyl letters (or numbers probably).
6. Wine Glasses
Have some great quotes for wine drinkers? Put the in vinyl and stick it on a glass. This can make a great kitchen decoration.
7. Potholders
Speaking of kitchen, have you ever put vinyl lettering on potholders? These would be so cute to hang from the oven door handle. You can do it yourself, or find this cute one at this Etsy shop.
8. Crockpot
Set your crockpot apart and tie it in with the colors in your kitchen by adding some vinyl to it. This is an especially great idea if you go to a lot of potlucks.
9. Walls
Create a beautiful photo gallery on your wall and accent it with cute vinyl decals with words like “home” and “family”. Find some attractive fonts that show the tone that you are trying to display.
10. Plates
Put some vinyl on a plate and display it in your kitchen or on a shelf in your living room or entry way. Add a little character to your decorating with this.


Chubskulit Rose said...

I love that "happiness is homemade". I have a potholder with the color.