How To Prepare Your Home For a Big Party

Are you the person in your group of friends or in your family who likes to host all the parties? Whether it’s for the holidays, the upcoming Super Bowl, or summer BBQs with everyone you know, it’s good to prepare your home before having all those people over.
A home builder and designer, Clint Cook in Jackson, WY, helped us put together this great list of ways to prepare your home for a big party.
The last thing you need when you’re having a lot of people over (likely people who are eating and drinking) is to have toilet problems. Make sure your guest bathroom is functioning to perfection the week of your big party. Stock up the bathroom with plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap too.
People are going to need a place to park. Make sure you clear out unused vehicles and clear any rocks or debris from the driveway that could harm someone’s vehicle. People are less likely to attend parties where they know they don’t have good parking.
Speaking of trouble with parking, potholes and damaged driveways can create problems here too. If you need some asphalt repair, consider contacting some professional paving contractors to help you out.
High Traffic Areas
Think about where people will be traveling the most in your home – likely between the kitchen/dining area, living room, and bathrooms. If you have a lot of little furniture, like shelves, lamps and tables in these high traffic area, it might be wise to move them before the party, especially if you have items that you don’t want to get knocked over or bumped into. It also creates a better experience for your guests if they can move with ease through your home.
Food and Drinks
If possible, get RSVPs so you can accurately plan for the amount of people who will be at the party. It’s not great to go to a party and not have enough food. Always plan for a few more people than you know are definitely coming. People who didn’t RSVP may decide to come at the last minute, and sometimes people bring others that they didn’t plan on. When in doubt, always plan for more.